Top Altcoins Undervalued to Watch in December Through 2018

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These are the top Altcoins as far as price action goes right now on November 17, 2017. Share your thoughts.

Top Altcoins Undervalued to Watch in December Through 2018

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  1. power ledger is most undervalued alt. The Australian govt support them in their projects and they are running joint venture with biggest energy companies in Australia, Leichstein, and India

  2. Deflationary appreciation combined with staking dividends while you HODL, “Proof of Stakecoins like OMG are the BOMB!!!

  3. Jeff, I love your videos. You provide some damn good insight into CC. Please keep them up! If I could provide one suggestionplease get a better microphone than your built in mic you seem to use. Get a standalone professional USB mic and that will really make your videos sound much better. Misaotra anao!

  4. not just goverments, but POWR is involved with academia. These are smart people with funding and purpose, and the project is sure to gain MAJOR adoption in due time

  5. About Walton Coin: I’ve look into RFID deeply in the past 5 taona. Walton coin is 100% reliant on the success of getting manufacturers (primarily) to adopt the use of RFID to give it a real foundation. Right nowas with nearly all cryptos it’s all hype, and nobody knows how anything will shake out. At least with many other cryptos they are dependent on a service/app/something digital. In order for Walton Coin to achieve it’s goal it will have to do successfully what MANY others have tried and failed at for years.

    The inherent problem with RFID being used by manufacturers and in our daily lives on any significant scale is the cost to get the RDIF tag/chip in the first place. Most manufacturers don’t want to invest that money to tag everything because it doesn’t align with the losses they experience of not being able to currently tag/trace items. (we all know they only care about profits and if they can’t justify the investment of RFID then they won’t give a crap about it)

    Basically what the market has been saying about RFID for years isuntil the cost of RFID is basically zero we will not adopt its use”. With all this saidit doesn’t mean Walton Coin can’t gain some traction on the IDEA, it just means that there will unlikely be any real substance because the real players they need to jump onboard will reject them outright. Thus Walton Coin will die.

    There have been some recent advancements with RFID printing (on paper to lower costs) but nothing has really gained traction in this space. Google holds many patents related to RFID tech and if the costs would have gone down enough to roll out RFID on a mass scale then Google would be first to move on it’s ideas that rely on RFID usage.

    If you hold Walton Coin then don’t hold it for long is my advice. That’s my two coin.

  6. The idea behind it is good. But the execution right now is poor. If POWR had a better team behind it I’d invest. The only thing they’ve done is get 8mil from the gov. And a partnership with mahindra motors india. Check out iota, they partnered with 38 companies last week, are not a block chain, high market cap. And ive made about 40% in last 2-3 andro. Pm me if you want smart investments.

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