TOP ALTCOIN UPDATES | Electroneum, Komodo, Safe Haven | bitcoin vaovao

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Safe Haven Announce Raise for the Amazon on ThorBlock


#Komodo Updates AtomicDex


Founding father of blockchain Scott Stornetta talks Bitcoin and #Electroneum


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TOP ALTCOIN UPDATES | Electroneum, Komodo, Safe Haven | bitcoin vaovao

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  1. All mining coins will bow to masternodes. You want easy dividends or a huge power bill? is a privacy coin with dividends issued for network maintenance. Purchase an intersection of the network, and only spend the fees!

  2. How are you guys still shilling electroneum ay this point. You should be ashamed of yourself, people are losing money because of you.

  3. ETN is a long term play. People talk about the price, but that is irrelevant to the project itself in its current state. The team is developing an ecosystem and continues to do so irrespective of the price. ETN evolves from a fundamental perspective day by day and currently provides a platform that enables over 60 million potential users to pay for their mobile airtime and data directly in ETN, whereas over half of the projects on the market don’t even have a functioning wallet. The team is making progress towards adoption and real usage and that’s all that matters.

  4. All of you who’s talking bad about ETN. Why don’t you make a coin and let’s see your coin go to the moon You can’t do 5% of what ETN did. But you keep running you mouth. Keep your mouth close and you might just learn something.

  5. @retlem Do you know how little credibility you have when you compare the early stages of BitCoin to ETN? It’s a childlike comparison.

  6. Thanks for the Electroneum and other crypto update, I still wonder why people try to burn down a project if they don’t follow or support it..

  7. People talk about the price, but that is irrelevant to the project itself in its current state.Awe, that sounds so pretty when you say that, but it couldn’t be any more absurd. ETN has lost more than half it’s market cap and value in 6 volana. Let the price keep falling and see what happens to the project. No value, no interest, no investors, game over.

  8. I think I’ll trust one of the founding fathers of blockchain over your opinion. You’ve voiced yours plenty. Now give it a rest. You’re a broken record by pointing out the price all the time. We get it. It’s down in the dumps. But the project itself is quite healthy right now and continuing its good work. Give it time ffs! 2 years isn’t enough for mass adoption.

  9. We are informing people of the news we find interesting and worthwhile. My only interest in electroneum is that they are trying to do something different than others, not saying it is good or bad. Nor does any info we give makes electroneum a good investment. You should be ashamed of yourself for commenting without watching the video.

  10. Anyone calling ETN a Shizcoin is simply not paying attention. They are making moves that no other coin can even do. If you hate it due to the KYC part, I get thatbut news flash, any project outside the big coins that truly want mass adoption will be forced to do KYC whether they like it or not. Thinking otherwise is extremely short sided.

  11. @AMass adoption means ZERO unless you have people buying it. You can have 1 million third world goat herders mining and trading ETN among themselves and nothing changes unless ETN attracts investors.

  12. @Arc Ariel They aren’t losing over half their market cap in six months. And this is happening to ETN while you guys think you are getting your best ETN news ever.

  13. Bitcoin has followed this pattern for sometime now:It dips and gets everyone scared then after retesting an old resistance several times, we wake up one day to see it has burst through. This may not mean its going to keep doing that but it spells out the fact that we all need to buy now and ride with the profit flow. Dollar cost averaging may not be the best way now to accumulate as its slow and expensive. Having traded previously and lost money i tried again after hearing about James Carlson and his system. He guides traders by providing trade signals which are so accurate i have made 9Btc in profit in just 3 weeks having started trading with just 2.1Btc. I think more crypto experts should do more like him to make an impact in other less seasoned traders. James can be contacted by Mail: “Trade.rupicapuri@ gmail. com” to find out more about how you can start trading.

  14. @Karina Sloan i stopped panicking about btc price ever since i started using his strategy, it gives me gain daily even with the recent rise and fall.

  15. Rupica was featured in a forum i stumbled upon and he made a lot of sense. I am sure he is as good as people say because of the level of experience he exhibited in that discussion

  16. Thanks a lot , i will contact him Asap so I can enroll tomorrow, I have very little experience so he will be my Coach

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