Top Altcoin Analysis – Bitcoin, Ethereum, Zilliqa, Vechain!

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Today's video takes a look at crypto charts from a technical analysis point of view, in hopes that you can find your own entry and exit points. At the very minimum, my hope is that you find a perspective to keep you grounded and not chasing after the market.

Ethereum :23
Bitcoin 3:35
VeChain 8:04
Zilliqa 9:41

I am not a professional advisor. Do your own research. Crypto is a fast moving volatile market, so if you choose to invest, don't invest more than you can afford to loose. Do your own research before investing.

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Top Altcoin Analysis – Bitcoin, Ethereum, Zilliqa, Vechain!

33 fanehoan-kevitra

  1. Hey Steve, could you please review GATCOIN? I think the ideia has a lot of room to grow, exponencially. Share your thoughts, please! Potencially the easier 7x to 9x EVER!!

  2. You’re the Bob Ross of cryptocurrency. Happy little candles, bouncing aroundxD I’d like you to cover NEBL please.

  3. good idea, but other coins are doing the same, and the value of it is being dried up by these btc fluctuations.
    SEND Could be a good investments considering how cheap it is now, but also very risky

  4. OmiseGo one of the most promising coins advised by Vitalik with many big cooperations involved in the project.
    Dent, trying to build a decentralized DATA exchange platform where you can buy and sell left over data from your mobile operators.

  5. Zilliqa!! Still sleeping. Biggest bag. Still not late to enter. Will be 2 bucks eoy. No one should be selling but buying.

  6. Haha, no worries, I meant it as a compliment. Your voice reminds me of Bob. Misaotra, I’m looking forward to that vid!

  7. Santino thank you! I just bought some. Are there any other small cap coins in your opinion that will make comparable gains to ZIL eoy?

  8. Salim Asaad Electra. High supply but billion dollar companies being announced by Q3. Amin'izao fotoana izao. 0025 cents ny, conservative predication at .10 cents ny. Also Zebi, currently trying to get this one ar .20 cents ny, its indias Wanchain/icon, dia ho 5+ by eoy. Just hard to get on these small exchanges, im having trouble. Good luck.

  9. Really bullish on Neblio this year (so is DataDash). They have an announced new partnership next week and this is definitely not a casual announcement like some other coins do. Exciting stuff! Also Stellar should do really well this year.

  10. Zilliqa is the first company to deploy next-generation high throughput smart contracts. Ethereum is the first company to deploy smart contracts, look at them today. This will be a top 10 market capper ($5bn+) by August in my opinion

  11. Please look at internet node tokenINT

    Thanks for th stellar content.

    Keep well!

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