Top 2019 Cryptocurrencies, 1 MILL USD Bitcoin, Samsung Galaxy Crypto Wallet, Litecoin Analysis

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#Samsung Galaxy S10 – What’s Up With the Crypto Wallet?

#Litecoin – The Silver to #Bitcoin’s Gold – From Network Performance to Adoption



EOS Surges Another 15% As June 1st Arrives, a BIG Announcement Will Be Made Today

Think Bitcoin is Wasteful? Have You Ever Thought About the True Cost of Fiat?


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Top 2019 Cryptocurrencies, 1 MILL USD Bitcoin, Samsung Galaxy Crypto Wallet, Litecoin Analysis

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  1. Cardano will absolutely explode when Shelly’s released. Right after that coinbase listing and massive mainstream news coverage. Going to be insane

  2. Betcha litecoin does nothing during the halvening… 🙂

    Okay, it might. I mean, traditionally, actual events don’t seem to effect the price much at all.

  3. +cryptoBall I don’t see people spending Bitcoin in the future much. It’ll be a place to store your money and let it grow in value (deflationary currency). Plus I think it will be somewhat of a status symbol to hold it, especially certain amounts like 1 BTC, na 0.5 BTC, etc..
    koa, core is too slow and stodgy to keep up with trends. It’s all about locking down Bitcoin to protect it. That’s fine. But it’s more gold now than currency. Who knows? Just my opinion. None of us know the future. I stack both.

  4. “…we agree, based on government decreethat fiat has value. LOL, that’s called coercion, not agreement.

  5. +Billy Ray Valentine Hm so like gold currently? It’s an interesting take on it, and I agree because even now people hodl, imagine if btc goes 100k+I’m not sure ltc will be the currency people accept but who knows anything in this market.

  6. +cryptoBall Yeah. It’s fun to speculate. I’m not anymore sure than you, but I do think Litecoin could be a good contender if Bitcoin doesn’t go into everyday spending.

  7. Buy ASG on p2pb2b exchange before it’ll grow, predictions are good plus all this hype about environmental stuff♻♻ Pretty sure it is 🚀🚀🚀

  8. Im in the US the Samsung Blockchain Keystore app is on the phone S10+ but not functional, idk if they will fix it with an update

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