RChain InterviewNew Language, New Blockchain, Big Potential

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Today I sat down with Lawrence Lerner and Nash Foster from Rchain to discuss rholang, transaction speeds, governance, and much more!

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RChain InterviewNew Language, New Blockchain, Big Potential

15 fanehoan-kevitra

  1. 0:34 – RChain Elevator pitch
    1:38 – Proof-of-Stake vs. Proof-of-Work
    2:33 – Target market, use cases
    3:40 – Scalability
    6:25 – What is the upper-ceiling of RChain’s scalability?
    9:45 – Will having to learn a new language (Rholang) be a barrier for developers?
    12:21 – What is the strategy for getting developers to come to RChain?
    13:30 – Is “multi-chain solution” another term for sidechains?
    15:23 – Smart contracts on Rchain vs. Smart contracts on ethereum
    17:13 – What is the purpose of the token, and will tokens be burned over time?
    19:35 – Why use a cooperative structure for RChain?
    21:10 – RChain teamhiring, mpandraharaha?
    23:21 – What is the role of advisors?
    25:27 – Dapp interest in building on RChain
    26:57 – RoadmapsHow’s it coming along, biggest challenges ahead
    29:29 – RChain governance forumhow did it work and what was accomplished?

  2. RChain looks like a promising project. Will be following RChain. Thanks for great interview! Love the crypto community. Thumbs up Lark. Keep up the great work. Smash up the likes peeps!

  3. New programming language? After Ethereum’s solidity hate, this is a solid barrier to entry and one that will discourage.

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