Ravencoin RVNTokenize All Your Assets !

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Ravencoin is fair, mangarahara, and focused project aiming to do one thing well tokenize assets both real world and digital for a variety of use cases, community enthusiasm and high level support from Overstock make Raven a project to take note of.

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Ravencoin RVNTokenize All Your Assets !

27 fanehoan-kevitra

  1. I mined Raven for a few days when it was first released, very interesting project and good to see one with the good olbitcoin values, not trying to raise millions (or billions) from a whitepaper. They have a really good focused and positive community too, hardly any mentions of lambo’s on the moon.

  2. Tokenization is going to be big. OST is definitely leading the way in this department. Already with 28 partners and successful test net, alpha soon!

  3. lark this project is like swiss cheese to many holes to many unanswered questions. great video as usual tho

  4. Burstcoin already does all this, asset, messaging, smart contracts, crowdfunding, dividends and has been doing it way longer, uses low electric cost PoC.

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