RAIN-X Wiper Fluid AdditiveTesting, Review, and Results!

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Does this Wiper Fluid Additive really work? Find out here and now!

RAIN-X Wiper Fluid AdditiveTesting, Review, and Results!

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  1. +Jourdan Gonzalez thank you! Anyone claiming this as BS hasn’t used the product. It’s actually quite good.

  2. Rain-X actually works better than you were able to show. With the Rain-X on the windshield it makes it so the rain rolls up and off the glass from the air pressure caused when actually driving. I use it all the time and I really don’t need my wipers at all when driving around 40 mph or higher, the rain just whisks right up off the windshieldGreat video. Misaotra!

  3. Oh, that’s bad. Very bad. When you use the wipers with the rain x you can see the windscreen completely fogging up briefly. That is absolutely horrible when driving at night, through rain. Not only does the rain make it hard to see, but that fogging up will blind you with the headlights of oncoming traffic. Based on that alone i wouldn’t recommend this at all.

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