Raiblocks Cryptocurrency Now Rebranded to NANO in Crypto Market

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The currency formerly known as Raiblocks has now rebranded to NANO. With that rebrand came a run up in price. I am currently waiting for the exuberance to calm down about the rebrand before fully jumping in all though I may take out a long term core position first before I buy up a larger amount.

Raiblocks Cryptocurrency Now Rebranded to NANO in Crypto Market

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Created by Sara Bauer and Richard Abermann

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  1. Bought RaiBlocks (now Nano) at all time high, and it’s the only crypto that I’m not stressed when it dips. Highest faith crypto in my portfolio

  2. Please DON’T USE BITGRAIL. The operator of the site violated his OWN TOS, by changing withdrawal requirements to require verification, there was talk of accounts there being closed on people, and many people in the Nano community are in the process of trying for a class action lawsuit. Before all this fiasco, the trading fees were doubled, so the exchange could profit on people selling off their Nano to BTC just trying to get it off the exchange. Even the Nano team is working to get this resolved, but in reality it has nothing to do with the coin, just that particular garbage exchange.
    Really hoping altcoin buzz sees this so we can save some people some trouble, and potential loss.


  3. Binance IS adding NanoThis was announced earlier in January. It was the winner on the Binance vote for new coins to add. I assume they were waiting for this rebrand before adding but it is being added. koa, the symbol will be changed from XRB to NANO, they note that on their post today. Since it affects the keys/addresses, they are working on it now. Love this coin! Thanks for covering it!

  4. I reccomend you to read what the experts saying about this awsome coin!!! The coin is pumping hard right now! This is short, mid and long term of course! and the best thing is that’s not a pump and dump coin! roadmap is coming in the next few hours ;)))

  5. Jeff, it’s not if they get listed on binance, it’s when. They won the previous vote for the next crypto to be listed on binance and it will likely be listed very soon.

  6. I don’t know if many of you don’t see what’s about to go down here. Nano is not here to take part, it’s here to take over. Going all in now, that coin will be top 5 in 2 weeks, mark my words.

  7. Update: XRB Withdrawals have been allowed by Bitgrail for the time being, but it had been previously stated that this would only be for a 2 week period. Still strongly advise against using the exchange, when there are better options.

  8. It’s cool that you put out a lot of content, but if you make a video on RaiBlocks/Nano on 31 January and you don’t know what the status of their Binance listing is (coming in the near future after winning the community vote by a clear margin) and if you say the wordBitgrailwithout mentioning the huge chaos going on with that exchange, then I think you might as well have not made the video at all.

    Quality over quantity dude.

  9. Conan Roebuck Jeff’s videos are embarrassing. Every time I watch one of these I feel like I’ve wasted my time because all he does is click through coinmarketcap, play a video on a website and then check Twitter. No actual insight or research was done into anything.

  10. ryan jones I would say between any minute now and the second week of February. Probably once the Nano ticker changes and it settles down a bit but still while there is hype around the coin so binance can capitalise.
    It’s anyone’s guess, binance never reveals anything before and are usually pretty cryptic about release times to prevent insider trading.
    Wild guesstimate? Sunday 19:73 AM BTC time.

  11. TedKeyboard A long time? What like 20 years long? na 2 years long time? It could easily reach $1000 in the next year. I’m not saying it will but if it’s going to at all it’ll be in the next 2 tsy 20. ary 2 years for a 50x gain is not a long time.

  12. Electroneum has to be mined. Electroneum does not have instant transactions. Electroneum does not have a whole lot of innovation. All they really have going for them is mobile mining and simplification for the average consumer. The underlying technology does not offer anything different than what we have. Izany hoe:, I’m in electroneum because I’m expecting a huge pump when it gets added to hitbtc 🙂

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