Quick Technical Analysis of Bitcoin, Nano, Cardano and Neo

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Bitcoin is in a tenuous position and Mark will walk through the Bitcoin chart along with a few of the altcoins that you asked aboutNano, Cardano & Neo.

Mark is an active trader and shares his technical analysis of the charts. He is not a professional advisor but shares his knowledge so that you can have a foundation to do your own research and make informed decisions on your investments. Always do your own research and never invest more than you can afford to lose.

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Quick Technical Analysis of Bitcoin, Nano, Cardano and Neo

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  1. I’m wondering if VET will retrace or if it will just keep going up from here, it seems to have so much volume on both the buy and sale side that I don’t see it coming back down anytime soon

  2. Manwhere have you guys been all my “crypto” life! NEW subscriber and I LOVE this channel. Could you please do analysis on ZRX, ONT, BNB…much appreciation!!

  3. TA is right or wrong all the time in this new crypto world no one calls at 60% correct everyone one is great in hindsight lol

  4. What a blessing! I’ll try to be succinct. Got into the market towards the end of December 2017 on the advice of my ex who had NO IDEA what he was doing by investing crypto; needless to say; neither did I. He just wanted toride the wave”. I invested over $24k in some great coins but the majority werecrap coins”. Fast forwardI did the HODLING thing because I didn’t know anything about day/swing trading and my portfolio today stands at $10k. I’m gaining new knowledge and making a concerted effort to learn this market as best as I can. It’s a ruthless and savage market and spares no one. Na izany aza, channels like yours and other educational material I’m gleaning from is making the learning process much better. I’ll probably continue to HODL but I can be “manan-tsaina” in how I’m doing that. Thanks for educating us with your wealth of knowledge.

    Fa momba izay ihany, got ride of thecrapcoins and the ex. Now I’m holding positions only in BTC, XRP, Neo, BNB, Neo, XRP, AND XLM. I believe in these projects and I’m praying for massive returns within a year or two.

  5. Let’s see what TrumpLand does when it wakes up hopefully the buying will continue.
    Why do NEO? If you haven’t sold your Neo by now, your too late.
    ADA is bluechip.

  6. Yes the supply is outrageous, so most moves from here will come off larger volume. Look to see how the price reacts to the .015 – .015USD price. That should act as support to take you to the next level. If not, then there really isn’t much support until .011. Medium to long term target on the upside is .025. See a couple videos back for VET TA. Hope that helps.

  7. knots2kurlsgirl Sorry to hear about your situation. Indrisy, many of us have been there I think. Including myself at one point in time. You’re doing the right thing to learn as much as you can! It’s a new world and hopefully in a very short time, we can all look back and say WOW, I made it. I’m glad I was involved early and look at me I’m soooo much smarter now, I know how to HODL at the right time and when to be on the sidelines at the right time! I sincerely wish you the best!!

  8. We’re still trying to find an actual Kucoin office. Someone posted on twitter that they went by the Hong Kong office and it was empty. Then we heard that they had an office in Shanghai and one of our cofounders that lives in Shanghai couldn’t find it. Weird. Na izany na tsy, with amount of time that it would take for NEO and Kucoin to get to the point that you may be able to buy a Lambo headlight on 5/50 mifanaraka, I think inflation will kill you. SorryI see no Lambo parts in the near future.

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