Quantstamp Up 50% omaly, Any Juice Left? Ripple Charging Higher + SAMBOFIARA

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A new crypto week just started and yesterday was a very strong day for cryptocurrencies price wise. Na izany aza, today most cryptos are in the red, but it is not that bad; only small moves to the downside. In today's video, we are going to have a look at what has happened to Ark and then we will check out Ripple and finally Quantstamp which rose 30% yesterday and is taking a breather today.
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Quantstamp Up 50% omaly, Any Juice Left? Ripple Charging Higher + SAMBOFIARA

17 fanehoan-kevitra

  1. $589 eoy is still possible (Updated version, 16 Oktobra 2018):

    Saudi Arabia will bring down the petrodollar / USD and look for a new currency if Trump sanctions them, said the editor in chief of the Saudi state television Al Arabiya English. Now that it is confirmed that Saudi Arabia killed the journalist inside their consulate in Istanbul, possible Trump-sanctions are incoming. No need for the Saudis to choose the Communist Chinese Yuan while they can tie their black gold c.q. oil to XRP. Tsarovy, the Saudi Central Bank has ties to Ripple / XRP! This will be a win-win situation, since the petrodollar is causing geo-political problems for the U.S. and Saudi Arabia, and through XRP they can still indirectly be tied to America while simultaneously moving away from the infamous conflict causing petrodollar.

    Remember the live stream by the XRP-hater Bitcoin Ben? After years of hating on XRP, he said with tears in his eyes that he had received a phone call from the big boys telling him about the bright future of XRP.

    Ripple is being called The Next Google. Surely, the next Google will be much bigger and better than the previous one (RIPP-LE, GOOG-LE). Guess who has invested money in Ripple? Google Ventures (GV). Nahoana? “GV provides venture capital funding to bold new companies”. Ripple is so bold, they will take over Google when XRP goes to the moon!

    US stock exchange collapse, trillions of dollars moving to other assets among them XRP

    The Economist 10/10/2018 world currency prediction, the same day U.S. stock market went down with more than 1,000 hevitra. There is no such thing as coincidence.

    Forbes called him Ripple’s Trillion Dollar Man, David Schwartz last year tweeted about XRP: do not miss the next Ethereum (ETH went from $8 ny $1385 in 2017)

    Michael Didiuk, former member of the SEC, has said XRP is a currency and not a security

    We are in the season of the bull runs

    Exchanges are planning to pay you interest to HODL XRP

    Rockefeller/Rothschild/Soros invest in crypto while average Joe runs away

    Ripple meeting with Trump, lobbying politicians

    Teeka Tiwari says bull run is coming EOY, predicted last years bull run and was mocked for it, since history repeats itself, this year he got mocked again

    ETF will be approved, said Teeka Tiwari, this is why he is bullish this year like last year when the BTC futures went live

    – Tsarovy, remember, the 5th of November (Ripple Riddler)


    – Bakkt

    – Mivadika Amin'ny Vadinao, -dalàna mitondra mihoatra noho ny $7.2 tapitrisa tapitrisa in mpanjifa fananan'ny, just made it easier for hedge funds and other pros to invest in cryptocurrencies

    Temenos (thousands of banks) and SWIFT integration in November (© Ben Wright)

    XRP community is only divided about the timing of $589, not if but when

    Keep repeating it, self fulfilling prophecy is REAL

    Millionaires teach you to aim high, not low, think positive, not negative

    BG123 predicted collapse of October and Bull run after the dispair

    Tether collapse and panic of 15 Oktobra 2018, part of FUD-October

    Shane Ellis crypto exchange theory, skyrocketing XRP price overnight

    Did anyone notice how the BTC price skyrocketed $1,000 on Bitfinex in 2 hours time with just a couple million of dollars, Shane Ellis anyone?

    – 21st November is the day when all the fund managers decide on what to invest in for the next year (© Chris Andrews)

    Esoteric Trading Solutions Valuation $334.47USD per 1 XRP

    Capitulation phase always comes before the bull run, embrace the FUD

    Amazon stock price went down 96% before going to the moon, CNBC said it was over for them, turns out the rich were secretly investing in Amazon while average Joe was being scared away by rich owned CNBC

    Be greedy when others are fearful

    Be fearful when others are greedy

    XRP just needs to be a couple dollars to become #1, imagine the worldwide headlinesXRP takes over the number one spot from Bitcoin”, XRP? Who, what? Bull. Run.

    Yale investing $400 million in crypto, why are they buying your coins while you sell?

    Satoshi Nakamoto himself gave his approval to XRP, ignore Fuddy Decree

    SIBOS conference coming with RIPPLE participating (© Alpha 65)

    Technology adoption life cycle: we are the innovators, ny 0,0001% (out of a 7.5 billion world population). There is a video on Youtube where they are mocking the Internet in 1994, who needs the Internet?!

    XRP fastest cheapest most decentralized environment friendly coin out there

    You are welcome to add to this list, let’s keep it updated, this is the new Vincent Wilson XRP meme: “$589 is still possible”!

    By all means, feel free to copy+paste and spread the message!

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  3. I’m glad you said we can copy paste this, cause that’s exactly what I’m going to do! What a great list! Everything is still possible!

  4. airdropmaster.info/free/icon-icx What do you say about free distribution of ICON (ICX) famantarana ? I consider this is a long-run coin)

  5. Hey! you should look into fortuna, they are releasing an otc derivatives and futures trading platform in a few weeks. They will be competing with bitmex and okex, except offering a much better service

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