Publica CEO Josef Marc Interview

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Publica CEO Josef Marc and I talk blockchain, publishing, censorship, Amazon, and more in this informative interview.
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Publica CEO Josef Marc Interview

36 fanehoan-kevitra

  1. Publica means publish in Spanish 🤓 Maybe it’s just short for publication lolGreat interview Cryptolark!

  2. Sometimes they come to me, but I spend a few hours each week chasing CEOs, Devs and community managers. The behind the scenes action 😉

  3. this was an awesome interview! seeing Josef answer real questions about the future of publica was great as a believe is what they are doing. Hearing Mr. Marc saying that he is willing to put his freedom on the line for the freedom of literature should be the highlight of this interview!!!

  4. Great job, Lark. Publica is one of my favorite projects. Great to wake up and see you interviewing their able CEO. Thanks man!

  5. Lark is intelligent, approachable, pleasant and knows his stuff. I’d want him focusing on my project too. Just a fan talking about a guy in a comments section. 😉

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