PowerLedger – Dr. Jemma Green Interview

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Today I had the honour of sitting down with the co-founder of Australia's first ICOPowerLedger. A company which will revolutionize the way we buy energy.
Get involved – ny https://powerledger.io/

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PowerLedger – Dr. Jemma Green Interview

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  1. Was SO excited to see that you did this interview with Dr Jemma Green of Power Ledger, Lark. I purchased my tokens yesterday and SUPER excited about this projectnot just from an investment point of view, but to actually see the full potential of a company like Power Ledger come into fruition. We’ve been getting screwed by the power/energy monopoly in Australia for too long now, and Power Ledger is the only project that I know of that is actually addressing this in a way that’s actually beneficial for people and communities. This is no ordinary ICO and I think its super exciting to have something like this in the blockchain/crypto space. A great project and a great team with the creds to actually make a success of this. This is going to be very interesting to watch.

  2. Mate. This is such an excellent interview. Love all your videosyou’re one of my absolute favourite crypto-resources. This video in particular is so in-depth. You ask all the right questions and she is so bloody intelligent. Gives me even more faith in the project. Big love from Aus.

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