Powerful Private Bitcoin & Crypto ExchangeResistance DEX ICO

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Resistance https://www.resistance.io/ is a powerful decentralized crypto exchange which allows for the exchange of assets across multiple blockchains all while maintaining your privacy.

Disclosure: This is an SPONSORED review for a project that was deemed worthy of research time, -tsoratra ary nandefa ny tanjona fanabeazana. koa, Amin'izao fotoana izao aho tsy vola ao amin'ity tetikasa ity, Diniho fa mety hanao izany amin'ny ho avy.

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Powerful Private Bitcoin & Crypto ExchangeResistance DEX ICO

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  1. Resistance is literally launching their Mainnet with a ready product. Not an ICO/Private sale before completion.. the product is literally almost complete!! So much support, Anthony the CEO and his team are great guys who actually tweaked ZkSnarks to fit their completely custom blockchain. Respect to proof of research too!

  2. Hello Lark, I love tour channel keep up the great content!
    I am learning how to use my Ledger nano S and I am having a hard time getting my crypto off of the exchange. I have gotten almost to the final process of setting my withdrawal limit on the exchange and was asked to scan the QR code shown on my laptop with the Binance QR scanner…. but I cannot find the Binance QR scanner on my phone. Can you help me and explain how to accomplish this?.. thankyou!!

  3. Well I’ve tried to install the windows wallet and no joy,and so far a lot of the buttons on their page don’t work. so they had better get a move on. And yes, it is the choco install am trying, not the wallet that says it’s coming soon. And as for trying to join the sale. ( a BIG Balls to that so far) so like i say, Get a move on resistance. Or at least let me know what am doing wrong. Choco say’s file aint there DUDE. Anyone else experiencing this?. and before ya ask, No i don’t live in the u.s.

  4. Looks pretty cool. I live in the states though. Oh well. I look forward to trying out the exchange. I tried Bisq yesterday hoping it might be a place to buy BTC that isn’t tracked as badly by the feds but the payment options are too much of a pain in the butt. Oh well I’ll settle for conventional exchanges and then coin join my newly purchased BTC before dropping them to cold storage. Taking that bit of extra trouble now could pay back handsomely in the future, depending on how totalitarian the world gets in the coming decades.

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