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15 fanehoan-kevitra

  1. Bitcoin didn’t move much on this news as it is just another effort amongst many.The news is good but nothing to spark a rally until there is some concrete news. The SEC now has 45 days to review the filing and at most 240 days to make a final decision so there is some hope. The world’s reserve cryptocurrency is still trading within a tight range near the middle of a larger trading range. The good news is that the token has moved up above the short-term moving average and looks like it will at least test resistance near $3,800. A break above that would be bullish.

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  4. All of your videos are word salad and you’re always just a Bitcoin cheerleader (me too), BUT I still watch them all and think you’re doing a good thing. Tohizo fa tsara.

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  8. Tying Bitcoin to Futures Market was a ridiculous Idea. As I predicted, it was going to crush the price. Futures exists when you have commodity that you project a price change in the future for hedging purposes. If you hold the commodity too long, you have to deliver the physical commodity to the buyer. Crypto and Bitcoin are codes. Not Corn, Wheat or Gold. ETF will be different. Regardless, the path of the world is set for a major correction. Gold is pretty to look at, good for Jewelry and in a lessor use, manufacturing. People are still psychologically enamored with this asset. But truly what is it’s value. Functionally it is hard to transport. Dangerous to hold without some sort of security, minimum being a safe. Tough to buy food or a tank of gas with. I marvel at how the clerk at a convenience store would act if presented a chip for a gas fill. Bitcoin provides everything that gold provides accept transaction difficulty and I don’t see myself wearing a bitcoin on my wrist or neck.

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