Future of Gaming is Now! This Crypto Will Change How You Play! New Binance Listing Cocos BCX

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Cocos https://www.cocosbcx.io/ is already a huge player in the gaming world, now they are are taking on the crypto world in a big way with massive partners like Huawei.

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Future of Gaming is Now! This Crypto Will Change How You Play! New Binance Listing Cocos BCX

StormGain Review


Created by Sara Bauer and Richard Abermann

32 fanehoan-kevitra

  1. Thoroughly enjoyed this one Lark!

    I’m a firm believer in Blockchain Gaming.
    Another that has come into this space is Grudge Match Gaming. It has been developed and built from scratch by the Metrix coin Team. It’s a Gaming Betting Platform where Gamers can wager against each other to play to win including 1v1, TeamVTeam, tournaments, events, side betting etc. This is a first for Crypto + Esports industry.

    Gaming is projected to eclipse the music & even film industry within the next 5 taona. Every kid/teen & even adult for that matter is Gaming in this day & taona, the space is just exploding!

    Take a look and see what you think.


  2. Your spot on with GMG! This team and MetrixMRXcoin is changing the crypto and gaming industries! Finally an actual use case I can enjoy!!

  3. ​@The Crypto Lark more than enough reason to stake-split on both and encourage developers to bind some kind of framework together to ETH (?) I would 😉

  4. Thanks for posting that this was a sponsored video, appreciate your view and it’s good to know exactly why you’re recommending the project

  5. Just got into VR and I second that thought that gaming is just going to get bigger and bigger. VR has brought me back into gaming after many years away. Already spent quite a bit on games.

  6. I think THETA is the best bet with YouTube and twitch founders behind it and multiple enterprises lined up in the near future as validators.

  7. Wax token is already doing this with OpSkins migrating to the Wax platform. Multimillion dollar gaming platform on the blockchain. Good times

  8. My state just passed a bill to look into the detriment of 5G. The results will be in October 20/20 and a decision will be made. It is doubtful 5G will ever come to NH. I know of Washington state and Michigan doing the same thing. I wouldn’t put too much into anything 5G. People are pushing back against it.

  9. you fried my brain with all that data. never heard of them til now
    sounds like it could be a good thing. i am a gamer and might use it

    seems like a lot of blockchains are talking about gaming integration. hard to know who will do it right.
    Are there any demos where they show off it in action.
    if you haven’t seen it already, here is a demo of neblio working with Unity. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WZTR-XUUXr0&t=633s

    nebl is also soon getting a heavy upgrade for massive amounts of meta-data just for such a thing.. so game stats, character stats and inventories and all kinds of stuff can be stored into their token ntp1 tokens.

  10. @The Crypto Lark Like what? Lark, you have to be objective, putting aside the fact that this was a sponsored video. Enjin is a very strong project with proved progress and partnerships. It would be awesome to see a video with you comparing both projects: pros and cons. I’ll wait for it. 😉👍

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