Ember Coin Could Moon ShotI Took The Gamble

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I just took a small fraction of a Litecoin and put it into Embercoin, this is a highly speculative option, so I put in a small fraction. To ride it out in preparation for the January 1st coin burn.

Ember Coin Could Moon ShotI Took The Gamble

45 fanehoan-kevitra

  1. i love the idea you are telling us what you think you will buy. So we have a choice to buy or not. Cheers mate , just bought it too. Lets become millionaires together 😉

  2. its 50$ im in…..worth a shotlike jeff said its something fun and taking a chance win or loose….not financial advice guys and girls ..

  3. I bought in before your video based on the previous videoit’s up so much already, whats the plan? HODL or take profits now? 😀 Love the videos btw, been watching now for about a month every night and day! My girlfriend is jealous of how much time i give you aha

  4. Believe it or not Jeff you do have some big players that watch you and you have made them a lot of money and when you do a video like this with 85k subs it is very easy for a kinda whale to pump this along with you and make some profit off it look at all the people going and buying this after you made the video and I’m not saying anything bad I appreciate all the money you are making people

  5. I never imagined I would ever own 3 million of anything in this world lol. Nothing to lose, Ember is worth a punt. Misaotra, Jeff!

  6. This comments section will one day be shown as a screenshot in classrooms throughout the world, and be forever known as The 2017 Billionaires Board 🙂

  7. Alfonso Lopez Yeah. Was positioned in the 1000s. Now it’s in the 500s. I was looking at it. I don’t know what they do. Good luck to those invested.

  8. I dont think hes saying that Jeff is using it as a pump and dumpbut people see videos like these, buy as fast as they can and then sell as soon as it goes up a good percentage. Great way to make some quick money but caustic to the environment of cryptocurrencies.

  9. Lol , I invested on a 2.3 milli market cap, I just checked coinmarketcap.com for embercoin and it’s now 18.8 million in market cap- crappy gains fuark me

  10. love the prices after cryptopia opened the market again, got 4 million+ for 150$.
    and yeah, when you get a notification of a new video about a small coin from this channel best get to the exchange asap and buy cause it’s going to rise.

  11. nah, the wallet got trampled under the stampede.
    it had a bug that only showed under heavy traffic but it’s fixed now.

  12. must be great. to be able to manipulate the prise like that. he must be making lots of money this way. i bet he’s super eager about it, i would be. such money making potential.

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