Elon Musk Trashes SECLessons for Bitcoin & Crypto

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Elon Musk says that he has no respect for the SEC….so why does everyone else? What is the SEC bringing to the table? And what effect for crypto?


Elon Musk is brutally honest about Tesla’s board and SEC: ‘I can get anything done that I want

ny https://edition.cnn.com/2018/12/09/business/elon-musk-sec-twitter/index.html

ICOs Are ‘Effective Wayto Raise Capital If Rules Are Followed: SEC Chairman

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Elon Musk Trashes SECLessons for Bitcoin & Crypto

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  1. When a security is being offered, security laws must be followed”….unless you’re in the Wall St bankers boysclub, in which case you can hypothecate all you like, until we bail you out.

  2. Our technology seems to be evolving faster than our lawmakers can keep up with it. Angamba, they will eventually be left in the dust.

  3. The bankers, SEC (or any financial ruling body), the markets, Government, are just one big old-boys club that only exist to serve their own mutual interests. That’s it in a nutshell. You scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours. Or should that beYou line my pockets and I’ll line yours ?

  4. What amazes me is that, Lark, far away in NZ can see all this, and how corrupt ghe US gov is, while most Americans don’t have a clue.

  5. His comments were great! We need to stop talking about SEC though. If the SEC says no to the ETF in February it’s going to cause some panic selling. The SEC said no several times already. BTC doesn’t need the SEC. It’s like John McAfee says (paraphrasing) ”all this talk about institutional money entering into crypto is quite ironic”” ary …He’s right.

  6. andiB, Exactly We don’t really need any of these big institutionalised money from etfs and others. BTC and crypto’s were doing very well without any of them. They are just gonna manipulate the market just like they’ve done with precious metals. Also governments will try anything to get any amount of money from the people as much as they can with all these regulations that will be happening. Remember TAX is nothing but extortion and Theft! They don’t want ordinary people likes us being in control of their own wealth now do they??

  7. SEC the bodyguard of the 1% ‘ers of the World. They insure domestic inequality, they provide for the multi muti billionaires and maintain an effervescence of rules that will squash the middle class while providing for the ever increasing wealth and centralization of the very godly and privileged top corporations and the very elite 1%’ers. Yep what could be better than that….

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