Electroneum Updates, what is ETN?

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Mattie gives you the latest news from Electroneum ETN as well as a quick introduction. What do you think about ETN, let us know in the comments below!
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What is Electroneum ETN?
ny https://www.coingecko.com/en/coins/electroneum
ny https://electroneum.com/

What Is Electroneum? Introduction to ETN Token

Electroneum: The Road To Mass Adoption by blockhaven
ny https://www.blockhaven.ca/releases/electroneum-the-road-to-mass-adoption

Electroneum ETN iOS Cloud Mining Beta programme

Electroneum (ETN) Prepares for Breakthrough with iOS Cloud Mining App Approval – Electroneum News

Electroneumcompliant cryptocurrency with fully integrated KYC/AML
ny https://www.linkedin.com/feed/update/urn:li:activity:6492115012365094912/
ny https://electroneum.com/2018/10/05/etn-becomes-worlds-first-kyc-compliant-cryptocurrency/

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Electroneum Updates, what is ETN?

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  1. ETN is so undervalued, it is a sleeping giant, laughed at by many in this space, yet the only ones with a fully functioning working product. I’m hoping with the Samsung Galaxy S10 launch and rumours of a built in Bitcoin Wallet, my guess is, its actually an ETN Wallet

  2. Regarding ETN and KYCFor those that don’t see the big picture..!

    KYC documents are important for anyone in the world of payments, banks and business. KYC is a reference to the regulated bank practices carried out to verify customers identities. Companies use KYC documents to process, verify, collect, and classify a customer’s identity.
    Mainstream validation is what the industry is shouting for, and so far we have been looking for it primarily in the form of acceptance by financial institutions,” said Dr. Prash, CEO of leading Australian cryptocurrency agency Caleb and Brown.

    147 Countries mandate KYC for Mobile Prepaid SIM cards. Any currency, Fiat or Crypto, that does not have KYC will not have access to these 147 Countries !. Electroneum is the first Crypto to integrate KYC, thus providing access to these 147 Countries.!!

    Remember ETN is a hybrid which wants to integrate,…Across all platforms..!! ETN Wants Everyone to be included,Not Just the Crypto Enthusiasts !
    If you want different results, you need to do different things…!At some stage all coins will have to change their model to embrace regulation or prepare themselves for the back seat….

    Look,… This is what these Countries mandate, this is what these companies need and want. If you want your Crypto, whatever your favorite Crypto is to be a Payment method on a mobile device in these Countries and Companies, this is what they have to do. This isn’t bias, this is facts. This is ETN Crypto complying, the rest are not.the fact of the matter is, We can argue all-day long about how Electroneum works but You cannot argue with how the World works. !!

  3. ICO holder. Great team that has always followed through and very transparent. They have accomplished more in 1 year than most accomplish in 3 – 5 na mihoatra. Not saying this crypto will ever be $1 na mihoatra, but there is a huge upside to be had for sure. Looking forward to it! Great video btw. Misaotra anao.

  4. You guys need to lower your expectation about s10 crypto wallet. If eth is supported. It won’t be the only one for sure. Anyway we already have an etn wallet + it allows to earn free etn. What do you want more

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