Electroneum ICO ReviewElectrifying Hype

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The next big thing, or just the next thing? Can Electroneum make it happen!

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Electroneum ICO ReviewElectrifying Hype

29 fanehoan-kevitra

  1. ECN will be yuuuggeee!!!

    Cant go wrong with this one, so much money invested into promoting and marketing, that is what crypto space needs. What is point of creating truckloads of useless coins if they end up nowhere.

  2. talk to people in the public, people can barely read. electroneum might not be the best way. but some ico has to start catering to the average

  3. awesome Lark, i was wondering if anyone would catch the simulation experience, you must have OCD 🙂 join the clubi have to admit, i bought into this due to the marketing and the hype which is half the battle. i also bought in at the 40 % bonus level so my cost basis is 70 % of a penny. i don t see this going to 1 dollar like many suggest, i think if the marketing team continues to perform, it could easily reach 3 ny 5 pennies. multiply that by lots and lots of pennies. the penny per token was brilliant. i don t do referrals but it has worked out well for the pushers. but if i were a tuber i would probably do the same.

  4. i hope you guys know that you will not actually be mining on your phone, if you read the technical white paper it says every phone will be virtual mining lol. there is no proof of work system.
    but hey if some guy on youtube says it could make you millions of dollars you should definitively put your money into it, without even reading the whitepaper.
    good luck guys.

  5. A few hundred thousand users ? There’s already 250k users signed up. And there’s almost 400 new users every 20 mins. It’s growing faster then you think.

  6. ive done my research , days n nights thinking about this and..its gonna be your biggest regret of 2018 if you go balls deep into itas the ceo of this statesonly buy what you can afford to loose

  7. thanks for doing this reviewits is a very nice logical review. yes the power is more in marketing this crypto. since they almost secured close to 40 million they may do things which are on paper hopefully..

  8. The founders are not great marketers, The product is great, its marketing itself..I can imagine watching this video in some months timeI will be so laughing at u..
    Uber only needed to know that there are 2.2 Billion smart phone users.. The rest is history.. Electroneum dont need ur review, it will take over Bitcoin..

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