Don’t Make These Bitcoin & Crypto Investing MistakesCryptocurrency ExplainedFree Course

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Don't Make These Bitcoin & Crypto Investing MistakesCryptocurrency ExplainedFree Course

23 fanehoan-kevitra

  1. awesomeglad you made these videos but could you place the link chains of all other videos to each other so people can see wall them all.. love to send them to my crypto friends.

  2. Great advice . You nailed a few things i have been concerned about myself .But i would not be as concerned as John McAfee with his 2020 btc prediction .They say he is $37k light at this time ..But who knows , who knew btc would be so unpredictable back in 2010 or even 2009. It surprised us then and plenty of more to come .I think things are moving faster in the world as each year passes
    I’m missing those shirts tho Lark !

  3. Dude! I’m subscribed but what an obnoxious thing to do?!? Take over my fees with TWENTY TWO VIDS! Really? Each to their own but for me this is extremely annoying.

  4. Can anyone inform me about firmware upgrades to Nano S .
    Just shoveling the crypto winter dust pile of it .
    Mine is still running the 1.3.1 Malagasy Bible , can i jump straight to the 1.5.5 firmware upgrade ?
    any hiccups hmmm >?
    site says if i am still running 1.4.1 which i am not even there yet , i must upgrade to 1.4.2 voalohany .
    Seem like i may need to go through all upgrades in succession then to 1.5.5

  5. Revenge trading is a terrible idea, there’s a similar rule in poker when you’re building a bankroll you NEVER chase your losses. Emotion and money don’t go well together.

  6. Don’t trust influencers who say TA doesn’t work in crypto. Especially if they seem to be narcisistic. I make my living out of trading crypto. Manipulation by news works only when charts show weakness or strenght

  7. agree.. i had a miner once but it’s so loud that my neighbour can hear it.. i decided to quit after 1 year later.. lol

  8. +The Crypto Lark thanks ,i am contacting them ,when i find out i’ll post it here ..cheers .might help someone else out .

  9. here is a tip: protect your private keys by encrypting them in some way only your brain understands. ohatra, rearrange characters, or sections or substitute certain letters for other letters or characters.. maybe substitute the letter ‘a’ for $ and ‘zfor #…. or add extra characters to make it longer. Maybe store one half of the private key on one cloud service and the other half on a different cloud serviceor use other locations. or mix several bogus keys with the real key..
    maybe have hidden characters in a picture that masks the characters unless you shine a certain colored lightthink of yourself as a spy who is smuggling top secret info and how you might guard it.
    And try multiple combinations of effects so there are extra layers of security.

    By encrypting them in only a way you will understand, you can leave a printout of your private keys in plain sight without care and nobody will have a clue what to do with it.
    and whenever you type in your keys, type it in a disorderly fashion, in case a keylogger is on your computer.
    all kinds of things you can try.. just get creative.

  10. another tip: write down what you spent.
    i know people who tell me they don’t remember what they originally spent. So how are they to know what their profits are or when to sell? They guess.

    I think using spreadsheets is a good way to keep track of everything you bought and price/per. and goals of your sell-points. i chart everything so i know my progress and losses. you can use data-retrieval to pull info from websites, like coinmarketcap, to plug into your spreadsheets to show % moves and current prices.. and formulas that automatically calculate everything when the data rolls in to show you what you’d likely have if you sold now.

    I have target goals listed in mine that automatically tell me when my investment reached a sell-point so i’m unemotional about it.. i let it tell me by having a little green flag icon pop up next to that certain investment when it reaches that goal. this way all i have to do is hit the retrieve data button every once in a while and i just skim over it in less than 30 seconds to see if any flags popped up.

  11. Awesome work Lark,has been my pleasure to be on this Journey with you pretty much since day one give or take a couple months CrYpTo lArK NaTiOn!!!!!!!!! setting myself up to watch all these vids all at once,in the next couple days. looking forward to all these Vids………If you are new to crypto I suggest watching all thesefreevids/course Lark has worked very hard on,and remember Dont ever pay anyone for information that is FREE online about crypto! from amazing educated people like Lark! what you can do is give this video and all a LIKE SHARE,SUB to the channel,hit the bellalso Follow Lark on Twitter>>>>>>

  12. Misaotra anao! You have been a long for most of this journey so probably know most of this stuff already, but hopefully you find a few new things !

  13. Yeah, my first ASIC was a litecoin miner……in a studio apartment, at least I was able to sell it for a slight profit because they were in such crazy demand at the time

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