Deutsche Bank FraudTime To Buy Bitcoin

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Another day another major bank scandalDeutsche Bank raided by authorities, topping off a year of big bank fraud, time to buy Bitcoin!

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Deutsche Bank FraudTime To Buy Bitcoin

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  1. Sounds funny when a English speaker say ‘Deutsche bank😀 Cool impressions on your way! Hope I can travel to New Zealand next few years. Greets from Germany 😀

  2. Such a great video idea Lark. It is just wild that all they get is a slap on the wrist for robbing us over and over.

  3. We can tell you’re passionate about this. Most youtubers has capitulated or don’t squeeze out that much videos anymore because of the bear market. Me personally, I’m more intrigued by this space than I was during the hype in december/januaryit must be the juicy low prices we’re seeing. Let them be low for a while so that we can scoop up some great coins.

  4. Thank you Rex! I feel the same way, so many deals, so much new tech, so many exciting things happening every dayglad you are still here with the community

  5. OK, I have to be honest and admit that I never used to like Lark at all, but occasionally watched his videos anyway. But during the last weeks you’ve fast become the only voice of reason on YouTube for me, and you clearly left the others eating your dust. You’re up there at the very top and long may you reign. Undisputed King of crypto YouTubers, voice of the common man, protector of the weak, warrior for the truth, and a thoroughly decent chap. Thanks Lark. New fan here, but why did it take me so long to see it ? Love the content you create these days.

  6. tsara, it is very true. We all heard it for many many years,.. often people would say, they were better off burying their money in the backyard vs putting it in the bank. Now the truth has risen more on that. We have all lost control of all our money. I really liked the walkabout video as well. I like that one boat you walked by. JR

  7. we need to go visit Lark,Let’s wait till he buys us a plane ticket tho,and sets us up in a nice place for the week while we visitbahahaha….one day Iam coming! just waiting for gains ,could be a year or two..but count on it!! Mr Harrilasagna you in? lol maybe a bunch of C.L.N vaca

  8. LOVE the new look! Haha Glad to see you outside enjoying the beauty that is your home! Thanks for sharing a little bit more of your world! Happy Sunday Funday!

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