Dent Coin Has Massive Potential in 2018

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After receiving several notifications about DENT, I have decided to make a video about it and also take out a position. Tell me your thoughts in the comments below.

Dent Coin Has Massive Potential in 2018

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  1. We’re going to break this coin too like we did to Ember lmao. The EMB team won a few trust points with me, they actually promptly let everyone know there was issues and they’re on it. Keeping us in the loop is a good sign.

  2. As always a good video, cheers Jeff. Keep it up man.
    Check Bounty0x, BNTY
    Nice idea, nice marketing, it just started and seems to be growing fast.

  3. COLX=Next Verge. Get in on them before you miss out. ALSO, Verge will breakout out to over 35 cents tomorrow, mark my words. If you want my reasoning just reply to this! Happy to explain!

  4. With the IOS app release this week this could easily x2.5 before the year is out and then x 4 by Januarys end. HUGE potential in DENT.

  5. you say that you are not a whaleWell you’re not but do the math if a quarter of your viewers put in that $50 like you said you were investing. That’s 1 million new dollars. BAM a whale but without whale cash.. hahahah

  6. Can you do a review on Dentacoin (DCN). I noticed high volume at Cryptopia. They do have a high total supply of which 70% is locked but they it looks like they have a good team.

  7. Vahid Ara well we need to exchange contacts so u can let me in on the good projects early because you obviously know what you’re doing

  8. On, select the coin you’re interested in, then above the chart, select Markets. That will give you a list of all the exchanges that deal with that coin.

  9. I bought around 18,500 Dent coins on Hitbtc back in September for $10 dolara ( I regret not to put more money on it) , they took around 2500 when I moved them to myetherwallet. Few days ago I moved them to Kucoin to sell them but I finally decided to hold. The project has potential. Right now I am around 4000% profit but the price will increase more soon. Buy them on Kucoin !!

  10. Brian Kitchens
    No research just my opinion. Too much to go against its success. It’s concept, although a great Idea would have to comply with HIPAA for starters then get adopted by the IT world in the both dental and medical world. Then they will have to deal with the red-tape if the administrator’s. Too many obstacles to overcome.

  11. Alexander Rubenstein what you bought is not DENT coin, you probably bought Dentacoin which is completely different. Dent is not available on cryptopia.

  12. Hey alt, binance is going to start voting and dent made the list. Anyway we can count on your vote from binance and create a video to informed youtubers and future investors! Misaotra anao

  13. I don’t think so, too much risk. Dent as a long term investment is uncertain. They’re trying to disrupt the mobile data space for the whole globe, that’s great but they’re at the mercy of telco wireless providers companies because for example they go to AT&T or Verizon, they establish certain rates and there may be telecom providers that say they don’t want to participate. If Dent goes to a Country where there’s only 1 na 2 providers and they don’t want to work with Dent, Dent is screwed. But even if these wireless carriers participate with Dent the rates could be extremely high where it’s not beneficial to use Dent at all because lets say some wireless carrier in some unknown Country are selling a meg of data for $1 and Dent wants to sell that same meg of data for $0.25 cents and Dent wants to negotiate with the wireless carrier on rates, the carrier can say no, why would they work with Dent and take less profits? They can say they’ll sell Dent that meg but for $1.50, more than what they usually charge because in an unknown Country with practically no other competitors they set their own rates, why would they settle for less with Dent?

    The above is the bad part, the good part is it may be that Dent will be willing to overpay for the data because if Dent’s price goes up in value and people are holding on to their Dent tokens then a few years from now then it may be worth 10 times as much so now you got 10 times the data for free. So in this situation Dent may overpay for the data but it’s definately a risk.

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