Deep Brain Chain / DBC Review -Bringing AI Apocalypse or Utopia

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The team at Deep Brain Chain are focused on delivering a blockchain based global neural network which will reduce fees for companies developing AI.

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Deep Brain Chain / DBC Review -Bringing AI Apocalypse or Utopia

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  1. We`ve invested in DeepBrainChain and SingularityNET. There is enough space for competition. We think that many of AI-chains can be successful, especially the first movers.

  2. “This is just a dude, talking about crypto currency…..” I almost lost it.. I had no idea what he was gonna say after the long pause. He ends up going with “on the internet”..

  3. Hey Lark, I like the idea of the project and took a position in it, hopefully the low price is just due to the bearish market and not an indicator of the public opinion on the token. I think having NEO as a backer will definitely help but as you said they need more then just them. Curious how many tokens you will need for a master node and also how much it will pay out. Not crazy about the name though, sounds like a porno lol great review though nice job.

  4. Nice one lark! AI def a space to watch! DBC in my opinion will be one of the top 3 movers in the AI space by end of 2018. Easy X10 gains from .08c in 2018

  5. CL- you’re one my fav youtubers! keep up the great work! But hey, what do I know, I’m just a crypto investor, looking for great projects, on the internet

  6. Bill Chang..Yes, Matrix AI/Chinese Governmenthmm. China is still Communist, last I heard. Time to review Matrix, Lark? Please?

  7. Don’t forget NTK AI Blockchain product on steroids thats mineable!!!!!! Agree that AI is going to be a big part of the future

  8. You don’t have to be a scam to fail just have to be average especially when the company is that small. Even good companies sometimes get unlucky so your question is pointless

  9. Great vid as usual. I would have appreciated more in deapth on the tech and what technically they try to achieve because there is Ai and Aisome deliver computation and infrastructure while others deliver algorithm and soft these are definitely NOT the same segment and the competition is different. I believe that DBC is highly risky and long term and if as you said they dev partnership and survive this is could be Yuge….

  10. Thank you Lark. Your reviews are great and rational. Do more reviews often. Fusion, Hacken, Iot Chain, Loopring, Bankex, Crypterium, CPChain, Phore, RChain, Bluzzle ….

  11. Thank you for another review. I am really amazed from the all Data you provide. Following you channel for some time. Thank you again for all the high value content you upload

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