Dash MiningProfitable or Too Late? ASIC Comparison

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Dash is awesome, but mining is getting harder though

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Dash MiningProfitable or Too Late? ASIC Comparison

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Namboarin'i Sara Bauer sy Richard Abermann

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  1. Bitmain is so centralized. I received an email at 11pm be ready for purchase. As soon as I clicked that link I couldn’t even enter their website server overload! They need to make miner purchasing more fair and equal to the public.

  2. got the d3 but waiting till november —- wonder if its worth buying a 2nd from a reseller to have in september .. ?? hmmmm much respect n luvthx 4 amazing n true research InvisibleFriend / Kind Recordings

  3. Hey, great comparison for mining Dash. I’m wondering if you’d do the same style of video for mining Litecoin. I know it’s nowhere near as profitable as Dash appears to be, but the future value per coin for Litecoin could shoot up pretty high. Misaotra!

  4. Perhaps some D3’s are plugged in in china, NOBODY has their a5 yet, they probably don’t even exist yet. Only iBelink has been shipped so far. I’m not expecting my a5 to land until november-december and I ordered round 1. Bitmain is fixin to break the difficulty before then.

  5. It is absolutely impossible to reliably and/or accurately predict DASH difficulty increases (e.g. 2x, 3x 4x) as you suggest in your commentary. As you should well understand, ‘past performance does not guarantee future results’. To suggest that DASH difficulty will hit 10MM plus by end of 2017 is ridiculous and is nothing but pure guess work. To suggest as much in this forum totally erases any confidence in your commentary. Hobbyist cryptocurrency miners need to QUICKLY realize that this ain’t the ‘sittin in your undies in the bedroomspace anymore boys and girls. The cryptocurrency mining space is QUICKLY becoming dominated by large-scale commercial enterprises with HUGE AMOUNTS of ready capital to invest. That’s why the Bitmain D3 DASH ASICs sell out in seconds in 100-unit blocks. koa, realize that there’s never been anything ‘fairabout capital-driven business competitionso quit cryinabout it.

  6. just grabbed a 2nd d3 —- bit main released sum more —- I’m taking sum risk .i can only imagine the difficulty level ??? ohhhh jeesssssi also grabbed an L3is it still worth while ?? thx

  7. Awesome! Yes it is a risk indeed. Currently they are still both worthwhile. Profitability really depends on your power costs too. When are they arriving?

  8. Christopher Grossmann depends on your power costs and the markup. Im looking for a d3 right now as well. I don’t want to wait until december. I dont even want to wait until october haha. And im in nyc so my power cost is something like .20kwh im not even sure if i should bother but i think i see a d3 on ebay for 2k+ and in a faceboom crypto mining group for less than 3k. Im considering it.

  9. awesome! Yep, should be awesome, also you can mine other coins too, so you could always put a couple of miners on something else!

  10. There’s a new company called Hyperbit selling Dash miners starting on the 25th September. They will be limiting numbers per customer to allow more people to get their hands on them.

  11. Hey LarkMy DASH contract is being annihilated! In the last week or so Dash difficulty has gone through the roof! It’s like 8M and heading to the moon! I have 400MH and it is struggling to make 3 bucks a day….And guess what all I can do is watch with disbeliefOh I have done my dash there! 🙂

  12. Yep, Dash mining is getting brutal! The only way is with high powered ASICs now, unless the clouds come out with something competitive

  13. Thanks for the reply LarkIt’s interesting to note that an increase in difficulty doesn’t directly relate to the underlying price of the coin increasing in value proportionately. I thought there would be more of a correlation. It is like a spread of sorts between two commodities (to make a crude comparison difficulty vs DASH price). I wonder if this dramatic increase in difficulty is preempting a dramatic price increase in DASH in the next few months.

  14. And just to make a point in the last crypto sell off DASH was pretty resilient to the slideSo what to do if you have 4000.00US spare to buy BTC vs DASH…mividy 1 bitcoin na 12 tsipika! I know what I am thinking! 🙂

  15. By the time I get my 2unit of D3 on 1-15 november, I’m expecting the difficulty rise to 8-10milli don’t know, still a dilemma whether to run it or sell it

  16. i mined this for 15 days in march 2014 when it was dark coin and just found out i have 133 dash on an old hard drive.

  17. Enter some real world numbers for the energy cost (.05 .09 .12 .15). If you did that your video would be good.

  18. Electricity in New Zealand is expensive, per my last bill it was .31 NZD per / na .22 USD – at the time of recording .25 was accurate

  19. wow found this video while looking to buy an litecoin asic and antminer d3 makes 2.26383922 annually $430 in Profit at 12/10/2017

  20. The mining schemes are what make these cryptocurriences a bit dubious. In any Ponzi scheme, the First people to get possession of the money obtain the most safety and profit. Plus the ever increasing energy needed to mine some of these electronic #’s is an insane waste of energy. I wish everyone well in their endeavors but not for me.

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