CUT OFF BY PAYPAL: Infowars & Alex Jones Turning to Bitcoin?? – Ankehitriny Crypto News

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Ao anatin'ity lahatsary ity, Mattie talks about PayPal cutting off Infowars as well as XRP and Weiss Ratings. Izany dia ampahany isan'andro!
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Alex Jones’ Infowars Cut Off by PayPal, May Switch to Cryptocurrency

Nathaniel Popper Tweet


PayPal ends business dealings with Alex Jones's Infowars

PayPal Cuts Off Alex Jones’s Infowars, Joining Other Tech Giants

PayPal Is Latest Tech Company to Ban Alex Jones and InfoWars

PayPal is cutting off Alex Jones and says it will no longer do business with InfoWars because it promotes 'hate and discriminatory intolerance'


Weiss Ratings: Bitcoin Will Lose 50% of Its Market Share to Ethereum in 5 Years

Weiss Ratings on Twitter

In Case You Missed It: Content Creators on YouTube and Twitch Can Now Accept XRP as Payment

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CUT OFF BY PAYPAL: Infowars & Alex Jones Turning to Bitcoin?? – Today's Crypto News

45 fanehoan-kevitra

  1. People don’t like Alex Jones because he is bombastic and reports news days, weeks and even years before the Mainstream Media figures out what is going on.
    Cryptocurrencies should be an opportunity for everyone not just.

  2. Everyone should support Alexbecause if they can shut him down they can shut YOU down. Lets say they say Crypto is hateful towards fiat….. sounds crazy but the world has gone batshit.

  3. You’re the only reason I listen to this channel. I will follow you to your own channel when that time comes. Thanks for defending Truth wherever it is.

  4. didn’t ruffle my feathers brother. I hope Alex Jones turns to cryptocurrency because that will become major news, and will help spread cryptocurrency regardless of if people love or hate

  5. Alex Jones is not fake! he is telling the truth! (although he is creepy sometimes “good creepy”) do some research first before you say he is fake, also the only fake news I know is CNN and New York Time!

  6. I agree 100 percent with everything you said, I happen to like Alex Jones and have been watching him now for a while and I think people either take him the wrong way or they believe the lies made up about him and never even watched his videos personally! Most importantly this could be huge for publicizing cryptocurrency considering he has a following of over 5 tapitrisa!

  7. We need to understand somethingsupporting Alex Jones RIGHT TO FREE SPEECH is NOT the same as supporting Alex Jones. I do not support ALEX JONES, I support his right to free speech.

  8. voalohany, I have a law degree Keith Parkhill. Do you? If you do then we can have a discussion on NY Times v. Sullivan and Jones being a public figure, opinion, and public issuesOK? faharoa, I never said that any platform he was on could not be sued. I said let the familes sue, it is better than these huge corporations censoring and playing Big Brother.

  9. sp0rtbilly77 So If your company was going to be sued because of people you let on your platform you would not get rid of them? You must live in a special kind world.

  10. Keith Parkhill, I asked in a previous post if you had a law degree or were a lawyer since you lectured me aboutlegal implications.It is obvious with this post you are not. Companies like Youtube and Facebook have been held to be mere clearinghouses for content and not editorial staffs that approve or disapprove of content like the NY Times. Their lawyers have shown up in court and argued they have no editorial discretion over their users and merely provide a public forum.

    This is how they have evaded liability in the past in courts when sued for defamation or other Torts for the words or acts of third party users on their platforms. Mazava ho azy, now that these platforms have resorted to throwing people off for their content under the weak rubric of violating their vague terms of usethat defense will no longer fly. And they censor content just like any newspaper or magazine does, and exercise control. Obviously you do not understand the implications of thatnor do you understand that Alex Jones is a public figure for New York Times v. Sullivan standardswhich means in order for him to be held liable he will have to have made statements of fact (not opinion on public matters) with actual malice. Good luck with thatalthough I feel for the families, he has suffered the punishment he is going to suffer already IMO.

  11. They are all silencing him because he’s telling the truth and they don’t want people to knowEven though he’s crazy half the time.. PayPal just needs to die; they freeze everyones account for no reason; fk PayPal!

  12. +James Morrison if AJ sold out, how come most of his news and headlines are usually found on Drudge Report or even New York Times or CNN etc.?

    He reports on stuff people have already reported on in one form or another. Just puts his take on the headlines. In his own way. That is all.

  13. Not really innacurate. They are certainly becoming more fascist, which is what both the NAZI’s and (((Bolsheviks))) were (are).

  14. +crypto note that’s a lot of authority to give someone in your own decisions. Hope you learned from it. Are you really sure it’s his fault?

  15. K Freeze vote Nazi Red!!
    End equality in women and those of color and of homosexuals.
    Time the new Christian/Catholic Republican Party,ended sexual assault.
    Religious liberty needs to strengthen the will of Christians and Catholics to reduce the age of consent..

  16. Just because he get some things right every now and then doesnt mean hes right, besides you guy’s only remember the few thing he got right and forget everything he got wrong ( Y2K or Obama is going to take our guns and so on). You all talk about freedom of speech but don’t mention the violence this guy has incited against the family’s of the Sandy Hook and the pizzagate shooting, which he was charged for? You can NOT say whatever you want.

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