Current ICOGet Paid to Stream

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The team at Current are creating a blockchain eco-system where you can get paid to stream all of your favorite content from around the web!
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Current ICOGet Paid to Stream

28 fanehoan-kevitra

  1. One way or another the governments has to and will get involved to some extent on future blockchain products. Keep up the good work Mr Lark

  2. Credits looks ok and has potential but did you see Credits CEO talking in a conference ? Was a bit weird to watch, maybe red flag ?

  3. I like current, Credits seem ok, however I think their team is a bit weak. It may do ok post ICO for a flip. I read somewhere on this one they will spend 15M in their first year on developmentwtf

  4. Im waiting for the demo to see if Credits does what it supposed to do. 5th Feb they said, lets see. If Credits its a solid solution i might get invovled in ICO. If not, tsy 1 in a million. Dont you think 15M is enough to develop something these days ? I think its ok.

  5. A fairly promising project. But it will be difficult to advertise it and it will be difficult to attract investors. Raha ny hevitro, it is much more profitable to invest in Tokengo already existing platform, the project offers great prospects.

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