CryptoCurve ICOAwesome Crypto Wallet Running on Wanchain

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Cryptocurve is the world's first functioning Wan/Eth wallet aiming to deliver a highly functional crypto wallet which wants to be the "front end" of Wanchain. Exciting features like ICO pooling and the nuke option are great bonuses wo what promises to be a great wallet, safety features like being able to retreive wan sent to an eth address are a great bonus. MVP is ready and the sale terms (10 million presale, locked bonus, ary 6 million public sale) make this an attractive ICO.

Please do note that during the video I misquoted the sale total. They raised 10 million in the presale and the public sale will be for 6 tapitrisa. Not the 32 million I quoted.

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koa, I am planning to invest in the ICO

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CryptoCurve ICOAwesome Crypto Wallet Running on Wanchain

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  1. mpanjifany: Big challenge because there are so many competitors with an early to market advantage. fa, who’s to say this project can’t compete? Good luck to the CryptoCurve team. Thanks for the vid, Lark.

  2. I am friends with Josh, the founder of CryptoCurve. He’s a great guy and he’s gonna do big things with CryptoCurve. Keep an eye on this project

  3. The best of everything is including the crypto kitchen sink. This is what I expected from Pillar so if they deliver I am in post ICO. Aloha and Aveo Lark.

  4. Great video, I love your Analytics! What thoughts about ? I think the project that in the future will be the best cryptocurrency.

  5. Balina not only told about feniks, feniks first place on pitch! There were many interesting projects, but in feniks the best of them.

  6. If it was 2017 I would consider this but investing in an idea without a mvp in 2018 is a big no. These are all just ideas and I suspect this coin will crash once on an exchange. Almost no ico goes 10x or even 2x these days, and without any hype this will go nowhere in terms of ROI. I would not be investing ICOs at this point. Also any new ICOs should be tied to delivery and if targets aren’t met the money returned to investors. Rather look for STO’s in the future. Most ppl should just buy some bitcoin if they want speculate. That’s the safest way to invest today in crypto.

  7. Keith Attlesey right. Who is to say. No one knows if they can because it’s just an idea that’s all. Never invest in idea projects. Minimum must be a mvp. Otherwise you are just gambling and there is no way you will get any ROI in a bear market. If we go to a bull market I would bet you’ll get a better return from bitcoin or possibly coins with products and teams that are 90% percent off right now. There is no need to take a risk with this one.

  8. would love just 2000 famantarana,and Iam happy no Canada tho? ;(…….ughhhhhh , great review Lark,share the love my friend lol Ill send you 400 wan grab me some curve hahahaha just kidding ..just gimme some of yours bahahaha Iam funny guy eh lol…..and my Wan are going no where but in my wallet ;).. struggled to buy them,they my babies right now hodling till $140.00 per wanchain 😉 2020 october is the month they hit this number,my cryptonumbnuts 8 ball tells me so Better off to just wait anyways price will probably go much lower than ICO in this market right now.follow Lark on twitter smash the LIKE button! tell a friend about his channel Lets get Crypto Lark Nation over 100k!! in september,get this man a silver play button from you tube! we all know he is most deserving of it as well as all of you subscribers!!,,,,,,,,NOSHAVETILL20KCrYpTo lArK NaTiOn BEST COMMUNITY IN CRYPTO!……….you coming this way again @Christmas time? yes Iam talking bout Christmas in August lol my bad

  9. Ethos seems to be out in front IMO. I love the Ethos wallet. In time they will be adding more features. But that’s not to say that long term we couldn’t have several very good universal wallets. But I tell you that Shingo dude is going for it!

  10. just checked out the web site,wallet looks nice,how it all works out in the end time will tell,but it does”mijery” nice anyways lolFiat gatewayis key

  11. Please noteThe hardcap for Cruve is 16 tapitrisa, 10 million private sale and 6 million public sale. There is also a working MVP out already.

  12. You bring a smile on my face on every of your show, Lark! Thanks for that! #JustADudeTalkingAboutCryptocurrencyOnTheInternet

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