Cryptocurrency With Low Market Cap and Room To Grow

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In this video we explore low market cryptocurrencies using Artificial Intelligence, data and other forms of intelligence on the blockchains in the altcoin market. These include Cindicator,, Modum, daty.

Cryptocurrency With Low Market Cap and Room To Grow

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  1. SHIELD a Verge fork with supply of 660m with masternodes and staking coming. Current price is $0.2. What do you think?

  2. Any chance on making a video about where you store your currencies, do you download a wallet for ever altcoin? Thanks again for a great vid! 👍👍

  3. My pick is still SONM. It should get the market cap of GOLEM by Q3 2018 when v1 is released. MODUM is another that I’ve been keeping track of. QSP will also take off in Q2 2018. Still questioning MTH vs UKT. I like UTK more because of customer pretection but have more MTH in my portfolio.

  4. i hold QSP and VEN, im hearing alot of good things about Deep Brain Chain, they have a massive company backking them from china, they themselves are a chinese company and have the technology to work with. Everyone in DBC is expecting 5-10x gains, theres people dropping $10k in it, and another youtber invested $300k dollars in DEEP BRAIN CHAIN. Two weeks ago he also invested $500k into TRON when it was .03 cents ny, im sure he made a million from tron’s recent pump.

  5. Deep Brain Chain is entering a trillion dollar industry. I feel like market caps to some extent are emphasized too much. Went big on deep brain at 23 cents ny.

  6. It’s one of the few coins associated with a business where an analyst could actually project real revenue. Whilst using the blockchain to reduce counterfeiting is a brilliant idea, the actual utility of the coin is minimal. Na izany aza, that doesn’t mean it won’t moon in the short term before crashing some time down the track once the crypto hype settles down.

  7. King Homer Not everyone, only those who couldn’t get women after trying desperately for years, so they said they are mgtow.

  8. I’m staying away from Paccoin as well because Circulating Suply is way to high + that coin isn’t that special at all.

  9. A lot of these cryptos dont have a good coin use case. Most people dont buy these coins because there is a good coin use case but if its a good project with good team then it will attract investors. The coin use case is a plus but not a deal breaker for most.

  10. Go for GAME, they are not small players. koa, whenever 1ETH = 300 GTC your coin will be doubled according to their smart contract

  11. I see the potential.. But they can’t even build a normal working website.. trying to play the video for over an hour now. Not yet have so much faith in it. afa-tsy, I think the market cap is already relative large for this coin..

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