Cryptocurrency Whales Moving Big Money In and Out of Market?

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The cold hard truth about Cryptocurrency whales is, YES THEY DO EXIST. The way to protect yourself is to hold and not have weak hands, giving them your hard earned money. This is my opinion on how to safe guard against Cryptocurrency whales.

Cryptocurrency Whales Moving Big Money In and Out of Market?

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  2. Altcoin Army Huddle: How do you think the Altcoin Army should safeguard against Whales pulling billions in and out?

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  4. Hey Jeff, they’re definitely using algorithms. trust me.

    They’re trying to push BTC down and PUMP every other top 10 coin.. they’re acquiringas much BTC as they can. Wait until March when it hits 35k

  5. I believe it’s different financial institutions adding to the volatility to discredit the crypto market and keep the fud high.

  6. The whales will have less influence when the damn exchanges get their servers up to speed and can allow all the new people that want in.

  7. summertime crypto junkie

    agree…. these animals like to control everything. … I say let them eat their cake, eventually they will f themselves and the people will get their cake in return

  8. Every think about who really made bitcoin? “Satoshi nakamoto “ is who made bitcoin but thats just an alias, there alot goin on with evolution right now that most people cant see, i believe that the chinese government is who made bitcoin, anonymously. The chinese are doing huge things right now and it seems that they have planned it all out. I think theres alot going on right now that is a distraction from whats really happening.

  9. I hold altcoins and sell in a spike. A while back I was holding tenx from $1.20 ny $3.33. It spiked in a heartbeat to $5. Got an alarm and sold it immediately. It hasn’t been there for a long time. I always sell pumps. You can always buy back when it retracts and youll also have more money to do so.

  10. Chris, agreed. While there’s whales manipulating crypto prices and I expected it with futures trading, there’s more behind this than meets the eye. Financial institutions are also likely involved. In Australia, we’ve had banks blocking people’s money transfers to crypto exchangesit happened to me personally and many others & there were many other issuesmy funds sat in the ether for 10 andro!! As we know, they don’t want cryptos & will do whatever it takes to frighten people away. I’ve been holding everything over the past 2 weeks due to my suspicions and yet to decide the way forward but right nowfor meNO new coins, NO ICOsnothing! It’s a waiting game atm.

  11. it would be most, if not all, governments and all vested interests in the current control system! this is global.

  12. lol ,all my coins are in red ,picked up wabi sub which went to a great peak and fell down rapidly ,wellshould i even start with tron

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  15. Altcoin Buzz Excactly and the whales want to make more money too,they’re NEVER satisfied.. I think they’re temporarily trying to thin out the current herd/weak hands that are actively trading in the markets and prepare for the new green noobies that are dying to get in but the exchanges are temporarily clogged until they upgrade their infastructure/servers. I mean doesn’t this happen like every few months? I’m a newbie,3 weeks in so I’m not positive on the patterns.

  16. my name, I get how you could see it that way. I got all the money out that I wanted to invest in crypto and happy with projects I invested in so I don’t feel holding onto them in the dips helps the whales achieve their goalsin this topsy turvy world, I’ll change approach if & when I feel the need to do so. Most altcoins won’t survive and not interested in buying into hyped coins & chasing my tail with themthe few I bought into are long term.

  17. It depends on your country. In the US, any trade whatsoever is taxable. In the UK, I believe you are only taxed when you cash out. I Don’t know about the situation in other countries, so you will have to look it up if that applies to you.

  18. Jeremy Owens The reason why he pissed off the big Whales Because he’s trying to cut off the middleman. The middleman that he’s trying to cut off is BITCOIN. Justin sun doesn’t want to deal with bitcoin.

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