Cryptocurrency Whales & Managing Price Swings When They Splash

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At the rate big money moves in and out of this market it is clear to suggest that there is whales out and about affecting the overall market capitalization of Cryptocurrency. Understanding whale behaviors and also understanding they are unpredictable is part of the process in managing your funds in cryptocurrency. This is why I always encourage us all to be flexible and keep our finger on the pulse as the market moves around.

Cryptocurrency Whales & Managing Price Swings When They Splash

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  1. Leave it to Japan to harpoon the whales. They just opened big exchanges and are buying up BTC!

    And smash up the like button!!!

  2. Jeff i think whales already bought in on the low dip and all the new jacks will buy high, drive the price up and then boomSplashed on by Free Willy the whale🐳.

  3. Rules of crypto #1 buy in, #2 hold #3 hold/buy during sea of red, #3 let the whales pass by #4 plan to sell at 3x or more just make an exit plan, #5 buy gold or silver with profits.

  4. Youre right but have you read about the new bill that may pass call HR 4752 ? Financial Technology Innovation and Defense Act. Cia FIB and Secret Service are now looking to become involved for all types of criminal acts. (pump and dumps,famotsiam-bola, drugs etc) they want to protect the end consumer because they want to evntually tax the money from the US Market and i think thats OK. Regulation and Decentralization have to be able to co exist to keep the bad actors “cockroaches” as Brock Pierce calls them out.

  5. Day traders are the ones at greatest risk from the whales. Long term investors that HODL can watch the action and occasionally buy in on huge corrections.

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