Cryptocurrency Terms For Beginners and Intermediate Investors

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This is a very basic yet solid introduction to some key phrases to know for those of you investing in cryptocurrency. My intention with this video is to get many of you up to speed on where you need to be. I am sure some of you will know 80 ny 90 percent of these phrases if not all of them, but who knows maybe even the intermediates will learn from this video.

Cryptocurrency Terms For Beginners and Intermediate Investors

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  1. Awesome video guys👍🏼
    Yall should do a video on wallets and the different types and the ones you recommend and which tokens/coins can be stored where ect ect. Just a suggestion!… thanks for the great content guys, stay blessed🙏🏼

  2. Mambutu are you being mean again? Or are you pissed because the markets down? New investers help you make money by injecting $ Help them out!

  3. Jeff you should mention when you research and use YouTube as a source.. To beware of videos that statethis coin will make you a millionaire in 2018” . A lot of videos are pumps

  4. Can we have your opinion on Acorn Collective ICO, please!? before it’s too late? It’s currently on pre-sale. Misaotra!

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