Cryptocurrency STORM brewing? Are you going to sell, mividy, or wait?

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What are you going to do about the unusual 2.2 billion volume today on STORM? Great example today of how to look at this price and volume action for any crypto investment decision. Anything can happen and this moment in the stormtoken is unique!

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Cryptocurrency STORM brewing? Are you going to sell, mividy, or wait?

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  1. the thing about tokens that has me nervous is majority of the supply of most of them like 60 pct including tron, and others like FUN and POET etcare owned by 1 na 2 olona…u can check it online, its open record. we rely on our investments on what they wanna do

  2. Craig Neeve To be honest, I don’t believe in Tron. There’s too much pump and dump scheme with Tron. I’d stay away or dump the coin for other coins with stronger and better team with concrete plan if had the chance. (No offense though).

  3. Craig Neeve True if we have time. HODL only if we get in on the lowest deep and have not much time to follow the market.

  4. Good videoyes, the volume is key Matt. 2.4 billion now as I type. I bought in at 1.9 cents and cashed out profit twice now. If it goes back near 4 cents I am cashing out. If it holds I will holdit has good tech. It went on YouBit and has been on Binance.

  5. This is the power of the hungry Korean markets, Storm is a really solid project with Charles Hoskinson being on the Storm advisory board.

  6. Saw this on Reddit…. “Dont be fooled , this IS a pump from Bitcoin Bravado group. Dont buy in at those prices.

  7. Steve, you do such a good job teaching how to use the tools to make good decisions when buying and selling. Misaotra anao.

  8. Currently bought 3 books about technical analysis. After study them, I will start trading with 1/10 of my portfolio, other will stay in HODL bag. Diversyfing is the key.
    PS. Any recomendations on TA books?

  9. I am looking forward to the Oyster airdrop of free SHL tokens for every Oyster you own at the beginning of April. Really great team.

    Personally I wouldn’t buy Storm at the moment because it is so high but I don’t know enough about that coin to say if it is a good investment or not.

  10. Guys rememberthis is a unique moment in time, nothing else matters”…I don’t know what that means but I know he shouldn’t be telling people to invest when a coin has pumped 200%.

  11. Thanks for making this video. It was really helpful. Can you make a video of SciDex as well? mamerina ny fisaorana anao

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