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VeChain Explains How to Boost Blockchain Adoption

VeChain Explains How to Boost Blockchain Adoption

Binance is Deemed Safe, Becomes Closer to VeChain

Binance is Deemed Safe, Becomes Closer to VeChain

HPB MainNet High Performance Blockchain Update
ny Lists THETA (THETA) and Contentos COS

Cross Over to Tomochain, Founder Tells EOS Developers, dApps


Bakkt Isn’t Doing a Giveaway.

Bakkt Isn’t Doing a Giveaway. Scam Alert!

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Cryptocurrency Red Sea | vechain | binance | HPB | tomochain | bakkt | bitcoin vaovao

26 fanehoan-kevitra

  1. the closer it got to the end of the decending triangle the easier it was to manipulate the price….also with declining volume this made it easier tooI think we look for reasonsshow me the charts and ill tell you the newsfamous comment

  2. I think more people in this market should go out of their way to help new investors — it’s the only way this market will grow: which is in our best interest as current investors.I like to think of Bitcoin like a rubber-band, the lower it corrects, the higher it tends to catapult.The key to successful Trading is having just few but very successful traders as mentors..*Marcos* has been a wonderful friend, teacher and mentor, not only to me but to all my self-investing friends. There is simply no one better at what he does. I made a return on investment of more than 250% in my first month since I got in touch with him, I haven’t seen strategies as specific as his! Get familiar with him through His Telegram *@Rob_marcos* don’t forget to let your friends know about this great opportunity.

  3. Rob surely has the best Bitcoin program in the game, it’s the best thing that happened to me since I started trading, 100 percent positive and win every day with 0 percent loss and risk.

  4. No lies, i have a personal relationship with him,He has been a wonderful friend, teacher and mentor, not only to me but to all my self-investing friends. There is simply no one better at what he does.

  5. Crypto is for losers ..that is what I learn over past 6 years of investingI would be mega rich now if I had bought dividend stocksthe loss 4 me stops today.

  6. IBM in cooperation with shipping giant Maersk is already offering their global trade
    blockchain platform. Up to 94 firms have already signed up for the platform, including ports, logistics companies, ocean-going carriers,sns. IBM is also working with Unilever and Walmart to identify new areas where the global supply chain can benefit from blockchain. It may be difficult for VeChain to compete with enterprise giants like IBM and SAP. VeChain still lack the actual certified user number , where are their product are being sold , a pilot program going nowhere with one tiny weeny shop middle of nowhere at Shanghai Free Trade Zone, pilot projects for dozens of companies but fail to reflected positively on the token price . It a technologically sound project with little prospect of adoption due to shortage of marketing resources or a popular token behind on tech

  7. @The Quantity Channel well I knew a move was coming and I set my buys for up and down and made plenty sirI was just stating that nearer the end of the triangle a breakout due to a large buy would swing the market whatever directionSo that was my edge….you presume Im a loss trader I guess

  8. Why is everyone anxious and scared with the market?

    This dip happens all the time. Let’s wait it out as good coins will surely give you profit on the long run. Right now I’m fully with Tokoin getting steady value. I am not worried.

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