Cryptocurrency Record Keeping To Track Exchange and Trades

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In this video I go over how to take notes and keep records of the times you injected money into Cryptocurrency from FIAT and also the times you exchanged one cryptocurrency for another altcoin. Maybe this can assist you guys. You don't have to do it this exact same way of-course this is just a framework for you to follow.

Cryptocurrency Record Keeping To Track Exchange and Trades

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  1. dont let 23 dimwit downlikes stop you from doing what you do jeff. dont even give them attention. your altcoin videos are great. show us ALL the possible options so we can choose. that way there is NO WAY you can pump and dump if we ultimately choose.

  2. For google drive you might also want to check cryptofinance add on. It can be useful if you want to add more information to the spreadsheet.

  3. Also the historical snapshot doesn’t capture the wild thousand-dollar swings that can occur throughout the day, so this is a very inaccurate way of record keeping. I think the IRS wasn’t really thinking when they made these laws requiring every crypto-for-crypto trade to be recorded as a capital gains or loss. Thank you Jeff for showing us how you keep records, but the President and lawmakers really dropped the ball on this new ruling for reporting crypto-crypto trades.

  4. Damn man congrats on 100k subs, happened quick, you have great content tho..I remember 30k..keep it up man..hope all our ambitions as pioneers of this come to fruition..success for all 2018!!

  5. Great idea. My wife is gonna start a spread sheet. She’s the brains of the operation. I’ve always been the collector. Lol. Happy New Year Jeff and the rest of the alt buzz crew.

  6. Use to do the calcs for you. It’s free unless you have under 100 varotra, na $20 for unlimited. I don’t understand why more people are not recommending it

  7. Talk about Shield (XSH) ! I’ve been trying to get you to notice it since it was at $0.06 during the dip and now its at 11 cents ny! The marketcap is still low and has much potential to grow, check it out

  8. its interesting how everyone and specially biggest crypto youtubers are just perfectly OK with taxation of crypto investments/tradings. pathetic.

  9. Look at ETG and if you can make a video about it. Good project with that visa card, low market supply and low market cap (but just for now).They will soon release their site and the white paperyou can have a look on twitter to see photos of their new site. This is a sleeping giant because of that pact with Visa Cards. This make the connection between the actual financial system and the future one (you can use crypto at every Visa ATM so…). Fa momba izay ihany, they aren’t a fork of ETH, just simply a coin which use ERC20.

  10. Thanks Jeff. Good video. If you need historical data you can also get it from Coinbase. They also display historical by the hour depending how far back you go. Ps. When your font wasn’t showing up, I think it’s because the font for that particular cell was white font. That’s why you could see it at the top left, but not in the actual cell that you were typing in.

  11. Created to stifle the system and markets, but made to conform within years by those exact same system and market. They are even freezing people’s accounts down under.
    Any coins/tokens or apps that bring back anonymity are going to be the true winners of this year.

  12. haha I gotta ask are you actually keeping track like this….. haha what a joke right. not you but there whole system to regulate us is going to fail

  13. please make a video explaining how the prices are calculated based on USD and satoshi, for example how an altcoin price works if bitcoin price goes up or down

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