Cryptocurrency On Hold With G20 Until July As Altcoins and Bitcoin Rise

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The G20 has announced it plans to collect more data on cryptocurrency before global governments roll out a universal regulatory legislation for the market place that has seen Bitcoin, Altcoins and ICO's make quite a ruckus in 2017. What will be the plan moving forward for 2018?

Cryptocurrency On Hold With G20 Until July As Altcoins and Bitcoin Rise

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  1. I don’t know why, but it’s comforting hearing your voice in these stressful times of crypto. (NO HOMO😂). This was my first cryptocurrency youtube channel. You really helped out, Jeff.

  2. Meeting in Asia? Stop by China, tell them to knock off the cryptocurrency ban. Stop by South Korea and tell them to stop the fud. Last, stop by North Korea, tell rocket man to knock off his craziness. Lol

  3. Sorry Jeff but no matter how you look at it, taxation is theft.

    If anything, a flat tax would at least be fair.

  4. Very important months coming up will be May thru July, Mass adoption will set in full effect by end of year but there is a big surprise coming in July. We must all help each other out and be very responsible with our content because the whole world will be watching our content soon.. good job as always Altcoin buzz . solid content and the timing is always on point.

  5. Good thoughts! Hey, could you do an EOS update soon? Heard some interesting things lately, including that BTC could now actually run on the EOS net!? (Not a techie but is quite a thought.)

  6. I agree, most of the silver spoons, don’t do jackespecially the ones from LaJolla,
    (I owned a business there). I am loving crypto….good points Jeff.

  7. Have a ‘Take’ & Don’t Suckas Jim Rome say’s Jeff. -Great work by you & your team Jeff, all the Best, Jeff_2 “Over & Out”!

  8. Hey Jeffthere’s another meeting in 2019 and one in 2020 and in 2021 and till 2030 … so maybe we should wait to invest till 2031 … hahahanice joke

  9. THE CRYPTO BEAT Exactly,the real bull run won’t come until later this year 3rd or 4th quarter. Don’t be fooled and blow all your fiat just yet.

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  11. my ten cents worth…..its no different studying the racing papers than studying a white paper….
    boloky hazo … you can go long or short….gambling
    vola….gambling over a long period
    varotra ….gambling over a short period
    asians….big gamblers
    Satoshi Nakamoto….. pure maths and cryptography savant who in his spare time probably liked game theory and the study of probability. He is the Ultimate Whale lol

  12. I can agree with you in some level. I liked your video. You make some valid points. Nevertheless I would like to suggest to everybody and ICO I was researching lately, called DIWtoken. Worth checking out.

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