Buy Bitcoin, Take Your Money Out of Banks,Things Could Get WAY WORSE in 2020

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Buy Bitcoin and take your money out of the banks, things could get way worse! Global economy on the brink!

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Buy Bitcoin, Take Your Money Out of Banks,Things Could Get WAY WORSE in 2020


Created by Sara Bauer and Richard Abermann

57 fanehoan-kevitra

  1. Death crosses and golden crosses often result in squeezes due to the superstition…fa, that may be out the window due to the increase in retail investors and decrease in [institutional] whales.
    I fear the new investors will have weak hands due to not being used to volatilityhopefully we CAN all choose to hodl.

  2. I’ve been transferring money from Wells Fargo to coinbase but the bank is now blocking my transactions. It says oops the transaction failed due to insufficient funds but thats a lie.

  3. @The Crypto Lark also: national guard’s deployment was announced today. Good topic to discuss implications of tomorrow!

  4. What the government is doing is not true capitalism. True capitalism is performed by small businesses like myself and my son. And we will be screwed by the crony capitalism.

  5. Death Cross happened 4 days ago on the EMA’s broSMA’s are a lagging indicatoralso when the price is super far below the moving average (like it was then) it generally signals that the bottom is already in 😉

  6. Everyone should be allowed to fail. It’s ultimately a much more efficient allocation of funds and most will benefit in the long run.

    I’m not against bailouts, if individuals want to volunteer their money and donate.

  7. 02:14 we are still in a very precarious market here 03:05 there’s actually a
    strong interest in Bitcoin, worldwide 05:00 entire sectors of the economy are
    about to be shut down 05:18 first priority is to take care of yourself
    10:45 take your money out of the bank> Your Bank; Your Money

  8. @Nathan Schwermann mmmm, ok, going to be a panic soon. worse than i thought.
    People literally end up robbing their own accounts. Make the court cases interesting once caught. Needing to use threat of deadly force to get your own money out.

  9. This has been happening to me with chase bank. It happened to a coworker of mine about a week ago as well. I use a debit card to buy and it goes through. I wonder…. 🤔

  10. I’ve been getting messages from Coinbase to add a new payment method the last few days. I’ve had an account with payment methods for years.

  11. Just figured out who you reminded me ofThe friend of the virgin in the move Sex Drive who is always smashing girls lol

  12. Bitcoin 🌾☘️ Spring mining reward halving getting closer every day …..

    ‘Bitcoin has no top, as Fiat has no bottom’

  13. I used to have a Wells Fargo bank account. Every few months they would try to deposit my paycheck twice and then send me a bunch of overdraft fees. They made a lot ofmistakesand their mistakes never went in my favor. They are sleazy as hell. Switch to a credit union if you can.

  14. Amin'izao fotoana izao, it is best to not get discouraged by the current price of bitcoin but to trust the data as well as indicators which suggests that bitcoin is and can be a safe haven for investment which grew exponentially by over 20% when compared to the traditional market which did only 2%. Smart thing to do is take the opportunity to secure more coins and even better if you have the experience and skills to trade profitably considering the current market. I have been trading using signals from Wallace Houte which has been extremely beneficial to me having made over 8 btc in the first couple of weeks when I started trading with his signals. This is a dire time for the economy globally but great for the bitcoin and with the right guidance, I think the sky is the limit. Wallace can be reached on WhatsAap or Telrgram (+44 7727427929/wallhoute) if his service is needed as he has a lot to offer from my experience with him

  15. It felt like a dream for me when I received my first significant withdrawal from trading the crypto market. I have been doing this for some time but my real big break was when I met Wallace Houte

  16. Houte has been my trade mentor, guide and friend for more than a year now. My routine does not let me trade often but when I do with the help of Wallace, it always pays off well

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