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  5. My prediction: Altcoins will not recover after this coming LAST dip! ONLY Bitcoin will rise afterwards…. MARK MY WORDS

  6. +Chris Rock sooner than that but it will shock people how soon it is and how big the rise is IMO

  7. The market needs a professional scale dump.
    JPMorgan has suggested they’d like a 1260 BTC, we can show them at least 1K BTC if it’s only 1.1K to mine it now with the new 7nm Bitmain miners out. The SEC wont approve any ETFs and let institution’s buy at these high prices, they would be dumped hard on. The SEC will approve ETFs if we show them a price at around 1K.

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  13. +Cryptocurrency Lambo dude your name is cryptocurrency lambo. Of course your gonna say that. This isnt my first rodeo. I have skin in the game. This guy has been saying the same thing all last year.

  14. The run up to 20k was bogus as well. Tether pump and dump. It wasn’t sustainable so what good was it. Not many could have sold at that price. It was all orchestrated to fleece you out of your money. There’s no new money coming into the space currently.

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