Bitcoin’s Best Month since 2017! EOS Announcement, Top Performer in May – Crypto News

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May have been the best month for Bitcoin BTC since the bull run in 2017! Mattie will also look at last months top gainer, Bitcoin SV as well as EOS's June 1st announcement, and Binance adding SGD.
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BTC best monthly close since 2017! More Gains Coming?

After Posting Best Monthly Close Since 2017, Bitcoin May be Posed for Significantly Further Gains

Bitcoin (BTC) Price Weekly Forecast: Technical Bias Signaling Fresh Increase

EOS Social Network Announcement!

The Social Media Platform where EVERYONE has a VOICE.

Bloomberg:’s Launching an EOS-Based Crypto Social Network


Whether you like it or not BSV was the best performing crypto of May 2019

Bitcoin SV Was the Best Performing Crypto in May – And it Wasn’t Close

Bank's Blocking Crypto?

HSBC: Seventh largest bank in the world rumoured to be blocking cryptocurrency transactions?

Binance supports SGD:

Cryptocurrency Giant Binance Now Supports BNB/SGD and ETH/SGD Trading Pairs

EOS Added to Coinbase Earn, User Can Earn $10 Worth of EOS for Learning About EOSIO

EOS Added to Coinbase Earn, User Can Earn $10 Worth of EOS for Learning About EOSIO

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Bitcoin's Best Month since 2017! EOS Announcement, Top Performer in May – Crypto News

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  1. I’ve been in crypto since mid 2012. I came in at a small rally and the markets dumped its happened every year that’s NOT the parabolic year (2017, 2013) even if you came in during the 2017 craze and stayeddon’t you remember last April when Bitcoin shot up and people claimed it was because Muslims allowed it, we went up till may and began to dump hard? Remember we had a fool’s rally and dumped all through consensus? I found a comment on YouTube about Jacob, I didn’t hesitate to contact him. I traded with him and went from having 3 Btc to 11 Btc. Thanks to the lady who posted about Jacob, Let’s keep spreading words about him to help the Ignorant people who are losing, If you have less than 3 Bitcoins or more why not trade it and make more profits? It’s no news that Jacob Wesley has been helping so many of us out here with new working strategies to trade our Bitcoin. Imagine selling each of them at 20k in a few months, you can contact him via email at *(Jacobwesley61 @ gmail. com*) or Whatsapp +1(405)266-3731 Telegram @Jacobwesley22. You will enjoy success working with him

  2. I’m an avid holder of EOS and expect great things in the future but I do not see how another social media platform will succeed in adoption..the herd will most likely stay with FB as they dont even know what blockchain is and steemit has struggled for traction recently….maybe I’m missing something

  3. OmgEOS copied Steemit project :)) seen this Steemit project failed before! can’t these EOS guy’s be more original ??? No real value accept announcements creating hype and now apparently also invoking people to watch brainwashing videos.

  4. I completely agree with you because i have been trading by myself without a strategy and its not been pretty

  5. +Herbert Bowman Personally i think you can start trading with whatever you have in your portfolio

  6. I am a no name person in the world of crypto. But is a scam. Raise all that money rip all the reward and leave the blockchain to be worked out by the people. Then come back later to claim more fame and $

  7. The purchase of $25-30mil ram all at once by was an arguably unethical move, but there’s a lot of arguably unethical things in crypto. koa, I’m not sure how they plan on bots no longer being part of the social media ecosystem when Twitter/FB/etc haven’t been able to do it despite the vast resources expended on the issue over the years and how anyone that uses bots monetarily will have issue with gaming the network while attributing the expense to being the cost of business.

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