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35 fanehoan-kevitra

  1. Bitcoin will go below £1000
    And by the halvening go to the moon.

    We need the global recession to really send it high.

  2. The market works in cycles and 2013 is somewhat replaying but that is no guarantee we expect a complete repeat performance as looking critically at the general trends shows we are in on the longest bearish trend in the history of cryptocurrency but unique circumstances may make the outcome differ much. The stagnation and fluctuation around the $3,600 region in m opinion is going to expand but with a downward scope to below $2,000 and eventually, the cycle may kick in and thing may or may not begin to get better. I placed emphasis on may because 2019 will be a very turbulent year from which crypto may not recover and would see a lot lose hope but also see lots of smart people make incredible amount of money off crypto. I’d like to advice to stake a small percentage on a few select coins while acquiring and trading more bitcoins for profit but not GPU Mining new coins believe me that seemed like hardcore marketing to me. About trading, this prevailing trend provides a great time to make a lot of money but you have to be careful especially if you lack anything less than expert level experience. My suggestion here is to find someone who is very good and successful with trading and then copy his signals, strategies and patterns. Its as simple as that. A group of friends and i do that with Adam David’s signals and strategies and i was thrilled in our last hangout when i summed up our profit which was over $40,000 this year already. So do not be frightened by the happenings in the crypto space currently as there are still ways to turn profitable while still learning something in the process. Harald can be reached by mail (adamdavidj564@gmail. com) for any crypto related assistance or advice

  3. Am so happy that you talked about cross country usage of BTC! I live outside of the USA and even though I’m HODLing if I go to Europe I will definitely use BTC instead of buying Euro, paying rate of exchange etc. Besides in lots of European Countries you can buy BTC at train stations like Prague and in Supermarkets in Birmingham England! 😉

  4. ☘️💚can I ask you to stop saying “What is up”it’s so annoying and quite frankly “old hat” !!!! It spoils your nice chats .. thanks ☘️💚

  5. Yep! Tim Drapers record is good! ‘Viral Hotmail marketing, Tesla, Twitter, Skype, the list is endless!

    LTC mining reward halving Summer 2019! Then Bitcoin May 2020! Last 2015 LTC halving saw price up 500 per cent in run up! People then took profits moved money to Bitcoin (which spiked 40 isan-jato) . This helped kick start the last bull run!

  6. thanks to Mrs Melinda flicks for letting me trade with her on her platform and, now I earn alot and know more about trading.

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  8. Hello am from UK and am also new in trading and I seek for a well honest and trusted trading expert, although heard alot about Mrs Melinda flicks and her good trading system but no means of communication .

  9. Indeed Mrs Melinda flicks is truly a life saver she helps me in trading making me earn alot and know more about trading

  10. Wow, so you guys also trade with Mr Ronald Robert, this man is a genius and very strategic his good works is really speaking for him.

  11. good point draper is the man, i would keep an eye on this apollo coin heading in to Africa with all its stores opening there, they tackling the problem head on, might invest in them today.

  12. Bitcoin will never be used to buy coffee or everyday use no more than we use gold to buy coffee. It’s just not convenient. Bitcoin I’d digital gold.

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