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Izaho tsy mba an-tsena Professional; Mampiasa ny fandanjalanjany samirery rehefa mividy boloky hazo SY raha tsy izany. Tsy izaho no tompon'andraikitra SY hahazoana OR fatiantoka mba Experience.

NY tsena dia tena hoe mampidi-doza, Ary ianareo dia tokony vola IZAY tanteraka vonona ny very.

Fakan-teny, ao VIDEO Anaram-boninahitra sy raha tsy izany no heviny manokana; Izy ireo tsy mba mifandray amin'ny hevitry ny TAOZAVA-BAVENTY MANAM-PAHAIZANA. VIDEO anaram-boninahitra no heviny manokana ary tsy tokony ho voasambotra AS tena nisy na FACE VALUE.

I amin'izao fotoana izao ny fampiasam-bola mihazona IN boloky hazo, Bonds, SY CRYPTOCURRENCIES.

Izaho tsy mba MAMPIROBOROBO ICOS. ICOS Avo ATAHORANA, Tombantombana ny fampiasam-bola izay mety ho nampirisika BY BAD mpilalao. IZANY NO ANTONY, Zava-dehibe ny MITADIAVA manoro hevitra avy amin'ny fahazoan-dalana ARA-BOLA matihanina TALOHAN'NY mampiasa vola amin'ny ICOS SY CRYPTO amin'ny ankapobeny. TSY manao izany afaka mametraka anareo AT ARA-BOLA ATAHORANA.

Tsy izaho no A fahazoan-dalana matihanina ARA-BOLA, IZAHO-panjakana indro, ny tarehimarika maneho hevitra AVY TAMIN'NY YOUTUBE Sehatra. Na inona na inona voalaza ao VIDEOS DIA MANORO HEVITRA, Ary tsy tokony ho voasambotra AS MANORO HEVITRA. Na izany na tsy mampiasa vola any am-pananana AMIN'NY ATAHORANA, SY Toy ny mahazatra, ONLY vola IZAY tanteraka vonona ny very.


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  1. *Great video 👍 I appreciate details and analysis you gave I ran into a video February earlier this year I saw some people talking about smith good work praising him some said he changed there life and good impact so I messaged him and he really changed my life too I Invest with smith and I got 7BTC into my wallet this is real and legit all thanks to aicsmith signals and strategies you can reach him on hangouts/gmail na +1 260-468-7657 he’s so reliable*

  2. Ever since Charlie Lee’s Tweet on his unknown positions on BTC and LTC on either TD trade app or some institutional stock market trading platform, which of course he researched what I would assume are all the corners of the internet for factual data. And it was indeed a test that was unannounced to the institutions clients, and ran during the last consolidation we saw in the past few. I am amazed at the degree of FOMO and all of a sudden, that feeling of mass hysteria of people who no nothing about the space, dying to get it, to purchase Bitcoin. For the seasoned, we have seen such trickery in the last bear market, and yes i say last, as this is the exit and launch to the moon for all who have been in the know and quietly, after being ridiculed or even concern people about your sanity, have been gathering and accumulating coin, that no matter if you had started with 100$ 4 taona maro lasa izay, the correct moves could have technically made you a millionaire. We the seasoned have seen the massive market manipulations done deliberately to create price drops for high rate institutional haters of the space, badmouth it in public form and buy on the dip. Same thing as in the Great Depression and who bought most of the banks for pennies on the dollar? Ah, I feel blessed at times for having stuck to the study and development of tech revolving around blockchain and crypto, also am proud to state that I finally convinced, about a month ago, my 71 year old mother, who was one of those who looked at me like what crazy things are happening to you son, is now a newbie but has access to purchase, trade, transfer, and set market orders for acquisition of assets. All thanks to her youngest son. Adoption is ongoing and is not happening later, we are living it.

  3. Cryptocurrency investment is quite difficult, but not as difficult as it sounds if you follow the basic rules and do not like or feel emotional with your investment. This is sometimes unstable and scary because things can go up and down at extreme speeds. If you are not careful, you risk great losses. To ensure sustainable profitability, be sure not to listen to the nonsense of most crypto merchants on YouTube and other forums, as many market speculators tell you that XRP is intended for the market or BTC are in their place. falling and crashing are safe and even more money loses in coins because they say so. In my personal experience, daily trading is much safer and more profitable than Hodling with so much uncertainty on the market. For a year I lost more than 5 BTC worth of HODL and for less than two months I got more than 12 BTC, which is, I’m sure, a dream for most hodlers. Na izany aza, you must be careful and extremely good at your T.A., read the news and correctly understand the trend. I would also like to point out that if you are not 100% sure, you should contact someone with good experience and business experience to help you. Samuel Garcia ( samuelgarcia1481@gmailcom ) is a person I highly recommend. His analysis is good and his trade signals and strategies are among the best ones to follow. It helped me to recover my losses and make money for which I find it difficult to believe.

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