Bitcoin – The Next Big Move!

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Bitcoin – The Next Big Move!
What you need to know!

There is another big move coming on #BTC. So far the price action on the charts has shown signs of a bullish trend. Is this trend going to sustain? Mark will take you through the charts so that you have everything you know to make some decisions.

Mark is an active trader on the Altcoin Buzz Team and a technical analyst. He is not a professional financial advisor. You should do your own research before investing and should never invest more than you can afford to lose.

#DXEXCHANGE – Tokenizing the Financial World

DX EXCHANGETokenizing the Financial World

DX.Exchange is Offering to Trade the Untradeable

DX.Exchange is Offering to Trade the Untradeable

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Bitcoin – The Next Big Move!

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  1. Misaotra .. Um um errjust buy as much of any top 100 as you can afford .. Fiat is finished .. Grab MCO/CRO while it’s cheap cheap .. Cheers

  2. I will not make any decision based on an exotic 128 Ma. Part of the ma’s self fulfilling power is the fact that everybody looks at the same lines, so i’ll stick to the 100 Ma

  3. Very cool. Extremely cool, actually. Super-appreciative of your knowledge and time. Misaotra. I hope you absolutely smash it the coming months. Best, from Bali.

  4. I predict nothing significant is going to happen for a loooong time in terms ofprice”.
    That’s fine. Nandritra izay fotoana izay, all of these budding crypto industries need to keep improving and fixing bugs. If another bull run happens it needs to be on the back of functioning products, Dapps, and programming

  5. My prediction for $250,000 ny 2022 – maybe 2023 but in that range – is absolutely solid, but I’m not so sure how we’re going to get there

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