Bitcoin – Tether Drama Continues! Ontology Stablecoin, Duo Network, Tokenization – Crypto News

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Tether drama continues and it is taking its toll on the Bitcoin blockchain. Mattie will also give you the latest from Paxos and Ontology as well as how tokenizing assets is becoming more popular. Mattie will also walk you through a recent interview with Duo Network (This interview is sponsored).
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A fresh probe raises fears of systemic problems in the #cryptocurrency market

Duo Network Interview – Tokenized Derivatives Platform [SPONSORED]

Duo Network InterviewTokenized Derivatives Platform

Paxos to Issue Up to $100 Million of Stablecoins on Ontology Blockchain


#Bitcoin blockchain gets hot and heavy after #Tether and Bitfinex drama

Bitcoin blockchain gets hot and heavy after Tether and Bitfinex drama

5 Assets Moving Towards Tokenization in Financial Industry

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Bitcoin – Tether Drama Continues! Ontology Stablecoin, Duo Network, Tokenization – Crypto News

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  1. Best way to move the masses toward crypto (they want institutional crypto, think XLM) is to instill confidence. Removing Tethor and shutting down Bitfinex would be the best thing. Funny business, or even the appearance of, will make the public forever skeptical of cryptocurrency, even more so if they both are allowed to continue to exist.
    Let this be a lesson to all bad actors and to let all crypto projects/exchanges clean up their houses. Any person/s affiliated with such are easily subject to blackmail as well if they have hidden skeletons. Institutional investors with millions, billions, and trillions have deep pockets to go over every project and exchange with a fine toothed comb. Clean it up or shut it down quietly or pay a fate.

  2. Bitcoin rate changes just because it is volatile and non-regulated, and to my mind Tether is not likely to be a major reason of its fluctuations

  3. Stable coins are for those who feel the need to keep one foot in the FIAT pool. I for one want FIAT to disappear along with central banks, fractional reserve banking, credit cards, financial intermediaries, and the IRS.

  4. I think the government is trading carefully while still trying to clean up the space. They realize Crypto is here to stay, so the US can either be there epicenter, like it was with the birth of the internet, or the government can ban it and countries like Singapore and S. Korea take the helm.

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