Bitcoin – Sidechain, China Attack & Dr. Doom, Oil for Crypto, PundiX Phone – Cryptocurrency News

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Bitcoin and cryptocurrency news – Dr. Doom goes on an anti crypto rampage, Senators take an interest in crypto, Afghan business uses Bitcoin, China can attack Bitcoin, Bitcoin sidechain deploys, Russia ex-minister proposes oil backed crypto, PundiX blows away the community with new phone, and yen and yuan stable coins coming.


Senate Hearing

Crypto Defender Spars With Famed Critic During US Senate Hearing

Elizabeth Warren


Crypto in for the Northern Federation

A War-Torn Country in Syria Will Use Crypto to Power an Anarchist State

China Bitcoin

Bitcoin Sidechain

Liquid Goes Live: Blockstream’s First Bitcoin Sidechain Has Finally Arrived

Binance Ravencoin

0x Listing

0x (ZRX) Listed On Coinbase Pro

Wanchain and MakerDao

Russia Oil Backed Crypto

Russia Mulls Oil-Backed Cryptocurrency to Avoid Trade Restrictions


Crypto Startup Reveals the XPhone, a Blockchain-Powered Android Smartphone for the Masses


Internet Giant GMO to Roll Out Yen-Pegged Crypto Stablecoin in 2019

Yuan Coin

OKCoin USA Will Issue Chinese Yuan Stablecoin, Says CEO Star Xu

Manohana ahy ON PATREON

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Bitcoin – Sidechain, China Attack & Dr. Doom, Oil for Crypto, PundiX Phone – Cryptocurrency News

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  1. The only positive thing about Dr. Doom is that every time he spews his hate-filled, disingenuous and hostile message, we get to see a Lark skit. He’s making it easy for you to entertain the community, Lark.

  2. So what did I learn from the intro? I learned a new word LOL: scatology (scatological obsession) Thank you very much Lark (1:35)

  3. Excellent review of the latest newsas always. Hey….Keep info about Bitcoin coming, such as the info about Afghanistan. It’s good to keep up with where BTC is being adopted, accepted, sns.

  4. The Crypto Lark mate mate mate,whenever I take profit the coin go more up and I fomo,I am on LOOM train,Crypto is future mate,Crypto is my life,A woman may leave you but crypto never,#pundi#ont#ether#Cv#Verge#ADA#Metahash#Hashgraph#Vthor#Xem#Tron#Nano

  5. Luv this channel. “With the crypto lark…. to youhahaha. Thanks for update. Yes i saw the Senate conference. Basically Dr Doom is yes someone who was a bag of hot air against anything crypto and showed how out of date he is, i felt imbarressed for him. The guy defending Bitcoin although was a very good ambassador for Bitcoin he could have mentioned other Cryptos e.g. EOS when defending Crypto as a whole to demonstrate scaling and use cases of dapps and smart contracts. So might have been better to have Dan Larimer speak.

  6. 🤣😂🤣 You said it brother, just trying to protect his own interests, not the peoples. Thwarting economic innovation and attempting to solidify central control. The Petro dollar can’t die fast enough in my mind. The longer it takes the bigger the fallout will be.

  7. Lottery Tickets, Casino’s, Payday Loans, and good ole Fashion Bank Fraud. Well Said. If you don’t play in their Casino the houseFedscan’t win, hence the anger!

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