Bitcoin “Institutional HerdPredictions, + Sandam-bola (XMR) – Ankehitriny Crypto News

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Ao anatin'ity lahatsary ity, Mattie talks about bitcoin prediction from Tom Lee and and CNBC's Brian Kelly. He also gives you a recap of the most important news from last week. Izany dia ampahany isan'andro!
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Tom Lee- Bitcoin (BTC) will hit $25,000 while CNBC’S Brian Kelly- “Institutional Herd” will soon arrive

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Bitcoin "Institutional Herd" Predictions, + Sandam-bola (XMR) – Today's Crypto News

33 fanehoan-kevitra

  1. Screw the institutional herd, look what they’ve done to crypto with there massive pumps and dumps using tether. The average Joe needs to load up on their favorite coins, lock them up on a Nano ledger or Trezor so the supply becomes thin. Then watch the magic of institutions fighting each other for the leftovers. Instead we have day traders buying and selling every day for a few percentage points and whoring out back and forth into tether.

  2. Matty I think the institutions haven been it once BTC was traded on the futures. There was so much money going one way and the institutions went the other.

  3. Great video, I’m excited about all the big news but kinda skeptical about the whale sharks coming in, it could put a lot of power in the hands of the institutions giving them massive leverage on price control and gives regulators a back door to our home grown decentralized markets

  4. The Truthseeker47
    Congratulations on the bold statement that I think is true, especially about day traders. Good work!! Thank you for that!!!

  5. So people saycriminals and hackers use Monero!” as if that is a use case. Most criminals use cash. Does anyone use Monero on a daily basis because they are so paranoid about beingwatched” ? I know I don’t.

  6. +white lotus Thank You for the comment. I’m just sick and tired of the abuse and manipulation in the crypto world just like the penny stocks. Pump and dump and rinse and repeat. Tether and lack of regulation is allowing sharks to infest the once pristine waters.

  7. The Truthseeker47
    Amen to that, brother!!! They do a lot of damage to the cryptocurrency community with their greediness.

  8. John Hill I agree with you but would argue that manipulate is getting smaller last year we saw China ban bitcoin that caused a 20-30 % drop in price in a day or two then Jamie diamond said bitcoin is fraud causing a 20% fall in price in a day or two, this year the biggest bitcoin fall in a day was 10-15% the past 3 volana 7%. It would appear manipulation is shrinking and that because more people are invested and holding.

  9. @ John Hill you might just be Right! nobody can deny the claim of manipulation- but can regulatory restrictions and laws mitigate these problems or is there another answerso what is the answer Mr. Hill? You got my attention when you rebutted @Anthony Amato comment … next? where do we go from herein your opinion? thx

  10. Institutional interests is not to hodl.. There will be forever big walls of sellorders way below 20`000..Price will collapse;)

  11. J Par. Remember there will ALWAYS b a tremendous demand for a Privacy Coin in this dark sorry broken world. Therefore in my opinion Monero will always b in the Top 10-20 Coin long term. Also it is the # 1 Privacy Coin n # 1 Dark Web Coin. Think about it for a moment. Evil will ALWAYS be around in this sorry world. Let’s all CAPITALIZE n use it as a blessing for others.
    Blessings in all your endeavors…👍

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