Bitcoin – How Low Is Zero? BTC Price Prediction

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Mark takes a look at Bitcoin from a 360 point of view. Giving insight that will put the current market into perspective. His goal is to give you enough information to put your mind at ease and then share some tools to be able to look at the charts on your own, including the Ichimoku cloud and a Bitcoin price outlook.

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Jim Cramer reveals dirty tricks short sellers use to manipulate stock prices down

Mark is an active crypto trader and enthusiast, but is not a professional advisor. Please do your own research when making an investment decision and never invest more than you can loose.
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Bitcoin – How Low Is Zero? BTC Price Prediction

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  1. I’m just ready for it to go up because I don’t know if I can take this anymore. But I don’t want to sell because that would be pointless. I’m stuck holding for a long time.

  2. Ahno Nymuz I get what ur saying. Ur saying sell and the price will go lower. But that is a big gamble. The market COULD go down to 200 lavitrisa, sureBut with big institutional money on the horizon and SEC bout to put down some rulesI believe the market will go up. Ur idea would’ve worked well from January til last week but a safer bet is to just hold

  3. Rosco Jenkins I know it will go up.u can still take advantage even the market is down like selling and buy back right away. I’ll give u example let say LTC is consolidating at 121-118. U sell at 121 and buy back right away at 119-120. Don’t get me long I’m long term holder don’t care if coins goes to zeros. Whales manipulating market so they can buy back more and push it to the limit. I will see btc will go 25K to 30K this year and dropped at least 50% again and goes up and to make a new high.

  4. Maximus Prometheus you and I both brother still down forty percent from back in December and January. And Jeff is no exception all these you tubers telling us to buy buy buy before it’s too late now we’re stuck holding the bags. B s but I’m not selling my sh.t for a forty percent loss either

  5. I feel you mate and right there with you! But let’s enjoy the ridethe space and price of solid projects will move towards our desired direction in a matter of time. Crypto adoption is inevitable :)👍

  6. Great analysis! Loved your comparison of other assets to BTC! Technical analysis of wedge forming and volume consideration was on point! 😁👌👍

  7. Great videoThank for a little peace of mind. I don’t have weak hands but this video definitely helps my confidence in the market.

  8. Mark are you the guy that sells different programs on the internet because you have that guy’s voice lol.

  9. Phenomenal video! I learned more about TA in this video than I get from other videos on YT. Thanks so much!!

  10. Wow Ronreally appreciate the comment! Glad Jeff and the team brought me on board. Happy to be part of this great team.

  11. LOL…Misaotra! Want to buy into an ICO? I don’t have a white paper, business plan or roadmap….but it’s good manreally good! rofl.

  12. Thank you very much Juan! It nice when people make comments..especially when they’re nice like yours.

  13. Hi Eddy. I’ve asked for the comment that was spam to be removed from this page. The person that was mentioned is not affiliated with ACB or supported. I hope you make you’re money back also.

  14. you’ve got nothing to worry about dear, i was new to this just a month or two ago, and now i’m what we call a top earner. Mr ashton clegg never disappoints.

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