Bitcoin / Cryptocurrency News – TV, Politicians, Playboy, & More

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Bitcoin and cryptocurrency newsJohn Oliver talks crypto, Google cracking down, France is up and down, South Korea warms on ICOs, US politicians continue to embarrass themselves, latest in mining news, and much more !

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Bitcoin / Cryptocurrency News – TV, Politicians, Playboy, & More

25 fanehoan-kevitra

  1. your channel is definitely on of the most enjoyable to watch. your interviews are terrific. You’re a very positive and cheery chap. Keep up the great work, dude!

  2. I enjoy your videos they are entertaining , informative and light hearted . 1HEpwFyxAkN56uyQEZ5nvAjCSiChLpkrnM

  3. Everytime I buy the dip and the price drops lower, a cry just a little bit, then buy again!


  4. I saw the entire congress-meeting, and I wouldn’t call it abash-festagainst cryptocurrency. It was primarly Sherman (who probably was against the internet in the early 90’s also) who was against it ,the others seemed kinda bullishEspecially Mr. Emmer who actually bashed some of the other congress-members for being….idiots So, bullish congress-meetup, stupid CNBC-headline.

    There will always be dinosaurs like Mr Sherman. Thankfully, it doesn’t matter because cryptocurrency will win in the end anyway.

  5. And when youtube is going to do difficult about crypto there is always the decentralized lbry credits.

  6. I am waiting for the Crypto Lark sing-a-long video or video mash-up !!! Yeah you’re just a dude ….. on the internet …. singing about crypto currencies!

  7. Best thing about $50 of BTC is in a few months it will be worth so much more!
    Keep up the great work Lark, peace!

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