Bitcoin & Crypto Crash Gets SeriousYou Need to Know This

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Bitcoin and crypto markets continue their nose divewhat is happening and what do you need to know?

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Bitcoin & Crypto Crash Gets SeriousYou Need to Know This

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  1. I feel absolutely everyone still hodling or not need to see this video. I think everyone with a popular crypto channel should be putting out some support for their viewers like Lark, and of course the support will pour back. Thank you Lark! Hope you’re well buddy 😁

  2. The Crypto Lark ain’t backing down.. I’ve got some fire power to protect 3k. I say we all agree on a price and defend it for the life of us.

  3. The Crypto Lark Ah! What a beautiful part of the world. And likewise, brother, they’ll push it as far as they can before breaking and pumping in the big dosh. But we’ll be ready, emerging with our Ledger Nano’s tight in fist, from the dust of what was the booming city of Hodler and!.. ok, getting carried away 😄 🤝

  4. When it gets this bad, there is no reason to sell. Sooner or later those that hold will win. The new world is being created right in front of us.

  5. It’s time to remember that we only lose if we sell and that if we don’t sell then the price doesn’t drop. If it doesit means weak hands are folding. At some point the strong hands will play. Thanks Lark!

  6. sirus312 if the crypto community was on the same page, we could have and should have defended $6k. We need all hands on deck to for the “Crypto Pact”. Never let our baby fall below $6k. Takes a few leaders in the space to start a movement

  7. BCH two man war? So much for thedecentralised”. Anybody whishes we could just vote those two idiots out?

    With EOS we could actually do just that! 😉

  8. That says it all, that says it all. And even if I cheat on you with other crypto channelers Lark, I still come back to you, just to listen to that voice of yours, and look into your crypto eyes. 🙂 Did I just say the rest of it?

  9. The problem is clear, theres little liquidity or people willing to invest. Its worrying cause i dont see this changing anytime soo

  10. Nice one LarkPlus slipping some Coldplay in there:
    Nobody said it was easy
    No one ever said it would be this hard

  11. I got in end of last year and put a substantial amount (well for me anyway) of my own money inbeen glad of the dropping prices this year as I’ve managed to average down a bit but I got to the stage where I had to consider how much I had already put in and could I justify putting in more. Much as I’d love to be scooping up at these prices I just can’t. I’ve drawn my line in the sand and from here on in I’m hodling til the upcoming GFC. I think it will take another GFC for the masses to realise they’ve been royally fucked over once again and look to crypto as the future. What goes down must go up. DO NOT SELL!

  12. If you haven’t put in anything you need to live on, you should keep putting more. No need for line in sand. This is when the richest investors invest. If btc then falls to a dollar, then scoop em up

  13. Deemantos I think some you tubers are actually struggling financially in this bearish market so I think we will see some disappear. Those that survive this will probably be around for a long time. It would seem Lark has built a viable business model for his channel.

  14. Chart ist still good. For years there were way larger dips.10times lower, or so.
    I`m pretty sure the all time high is coming, soon.
    For me bitcoin is my safest bet for the next 25 taona.
    I buy bitcoin, instead paying for a life insurance.

  15. +Tim Jong all good. Except I dont think Tech, derived from sharemarkets, has yet been shown to jump perfectly to crypto. This drop was not predicted by or explained by tech. Bigger, darker forces at play. BAKKT I agree behind this to some degree. If Banks can manipulater the $7 trillion gold market, pay fines, and keep doing it, ny – recently -$200b crpto market can be done like a dinner, before lunch. It will be different pricing when they holdenough”. cheers.

  16. New too . Our money is coming 💰 Can’t wait to show all the nay sayers and the ones that freaked out and sold out !! 😁

  17. @roberto ribas, I disagree. it is 100% about entering at the right time or else you will be bankrupt, plain and simple.

  18. +Nathan That’s what I’m doing on my beanie babies! My Great^5 uncle’s tulips! My Nifty fifty stocks! My southsea trading company shares! The zeplin will rise again! My arabian horse shares, and my 1919 florida land purchases, and my 1980 tokyo land purchases! Bubbles nothing new, kids. learn from people who don’t join the cult, and don’t lose all their money!

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