BINANCE will BURN 40% of the total BNB, Donald Trump has NO EFFECT on BITCOIN – Crypto News

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Donald Trump recently tweeted that he is not a fan of bitcoin nor Facebook's Libra. This is something that Mattie will look into as well as the HUGE Binance Coin (BNB) burn that will take place soon. Mattie will also look into Litecoin and why the upcoming halving might be a shock.
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#Binance Coin BurnThe team will burn off the 80,000,000 BNB team allocation first, ALL US$2,400,000,000 of it! and the remaining 9,000,000 BNB will be burned by exchange.

Trump Pump? Bitcoin Price Buoyant After US President Says He’s 'Not a Fan'


Creator of #Litecoin Explains Why the Upcoming #Halving Might Be a Shock
Charlie Lee, the creator of Litecoin, explained why the upcoming halving might put some miners out of business. He also explained why the price might go up.

Creator of Litecoin Explains Why the Upcoming Halving Might Be a Shock

Binance announces the launch of its Margin Trading platform, now available for all eligible users on #bitcoin


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BINANCE will BURN 40% of the total BNB, Donald Trump has NO EFFECT on BITCOIN – Crypto News

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  1. Big Trump supporterdisagree with his stance….completely bullish sign for bitcoin and cryptos…..MAGA!!!

  2. that’s a falsity. burning coins only adds value to the remaining existing coins so no they dont lose any money just reallocated.

  3. Seeing people discuss what Trump saidIdiots when would you realise that this is politics and is a game to attract the massesJust do not pay any attention that is not what actually happens the real action is behins the scenes and even though your IQ is below average you can piece together what is happening

  4. Donald Trump is a genius, he tweeted earlier today that he’s not a fan of crypto on Twitter. But if you really analyze his tweets, he’s really the smartest President ever. His tweets have double meaning and nobody knows what hes going to do. This tweet was most likely to get the Deepstate and Federal Reserve and mainstream media in confusion. What better way to pump up the price in crypto then to tell everyone your not a fan of it. He didn’t say he hated it, he just said he’s not a fan of it. Pumping bitcoin higher. Just like when Obama, said he’s getting rid of gun in America. He became the top gun seller in American history. The guy is a genius, no wonder he’s a billionaire President. … wow!

  5. Why do you still support that idiot at this stage of the game? You are either a racist, a tribalist, or severely misinformed…. which one are you?

  6. Of course he isn’t a fan. Do you really think he even knows what blockchain is?? Plus, he put Goldman Sachs in charge of his economy.

  7. Trump is drawing the commoner eye to the $200B elephant in the room, and away from the pyramid scheme known as ‘fiatand fed banking sys

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