Binance Delists 5 Cryptocurrencies, Is Binance Handling This The Wrong Way?

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Binance recently delisted Substratum, Cloak, Wings, SALT, and Modum. In today's video, Mattie talks about how the companies reacted as well if it went down the right way.
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Binance Delists 5 Cryptocurrencies – Is Binance Handling This The Wrong Way?

Binance Delists 5 Cryptocurrencies – Is Binance Handling This The Wrong Way?

Binance Will Delist CLOAK, MOD, SALT, SUB and WINGS

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Binance Delists 5 Cryptocurrencies, Is Binance Handling This The Wrong Way?

28 fanehoan-kevitra

  1. We apologize for the sound quality.

    Intro – 1:28
    Binance delisting criterias – 2:46
    Wings – 3:58
    Cloak- 4:36
    Modum – 5:30
    Substratum – 6:01
    Salt – 6:22
    Is Binance in The Wrong – 7:06
    Possible Reasons for SUB and SALT delistings – 9:00

  2. Yes it is wrong because people lose a lot of money when then delist a coin and with that we can not invest our money with confidence!!

  3. What if after the delisting or prior to it somebody from binance buys those coins and after the deal is done, they apologize and do not delist the mentioned coins?

  4. I’m becoming very hesitant of putting anymore money in binance. I’m going to start pulling all of my coins out because once a coin delists, you no longer can get access to it. Everyone should check Chico Crypto’s coverage on binance. Lots of shady going ons with them.

  5. there is an argument for how BNB handled the delisting, this is a huge blow to Sub and Salt listed sept, oct last year on Binance, will probably affect price for a while!

  6. I removed almost everything from Binance.
    1) Very poor communication with investors in the space 2) binance charts showing wicks where others don’t – (chasing any open orders/stop losses)

  7. CZ is acting as the judge jury and executioner. Which is completely wrong. Binance is a good exchange but it’s not good for the crypto space to have a monopolist like this.

  8. Decentralized exchanges with Address Trading is the best way currently. Perhaps we should contact all other exchanges and ask them to delist BNB and see how they like it.

  9. +Fred WhiteI made some small buy-ins on several coins at the beginning of last year with the very minimum that you could buy them at around $10 per transaction. Indrisy, a lot of those coins tanked. Ary noho izany, I had left within binance because the minimum trade out is $10 which now the coins don’t amount to what I can take them out for now. I was hoping that those coins would rebound at least to my 10% return target that I was going for like all the coins I was trading on binance. And now they are delisting coins without giving them a chance. I think that’s valid criticism that Mattie is bringing up. Because what now? Is binance ever going to relist some of these coins? Because what if they rebound again. Are they just going to hold those coins or liquidate them as if I lost them?

  10. +RUwatchingI understand that anyone investing in these coins should do their due diligence in anything they invest. Na izany aza, I thought Binance was supposed to do a lot of that vetting to ensure that good projects get onboard. And a lot of the coins that I invested in were the very minimum $10 transaction at the beginning of last year. Vokatr'izany, the only way that I could recoup those coins is if I bought more just to the minimum $10 and then pull them out. It’s not worth it. I did invest in quite a bit of those small $10 amounts in several coins. They add up. And now binance is delisting coins without giving them a chance to pull back? I think you shouldn’t just give binance a pass because they are delisting quite a bit of coins. And as I said before, they were supposed to vet many of these projects to build up their exchange as having reputable coins. I’m with Mattie on this one. I think that the least that binance could have done was inform these projects that they needed to up their game in order to stay listed, and not for them to just pull the rug underneath all of these projects.

  11. +dancrowlHe may come off as a Pauly Shore of crypto, but he has raised some legitimate points and sleuth work about binance. And CZ (CEO of binance) is not even owning up to these claims or findings. I had watched a recent episode of Ivan on Tech where he even invited binance and CZ to come on the show and at least tell their side of the story. And they declined! koa, Chico Crypto has retweeted a post from CZ encouraging people to basically flag anything that says anything bad about binance whether its true or not. That’s not a good sign for me that this exchange is going to be around very much longer if they continue to be non transparent and gate keepers of their wrong doings.

  12. +islandbee can you take a man’s assessment of crypto projects seriously while he drinks cans of beer while posting his YouTube clips ?

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