Binance Crypto IEO Market Industry Problem or Magic Money Machine?

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Binance (sign up here ) has led this season's crypto boom with their incredibly popular IEOs, this video examines the truth behind recent allegations and examines the reality for investors into IEOs on the exchange.

Disclosure: This is an unpaid review for a project that was deemed worthy of research time, -tsoratra ary nandefa ny tanjona fanabeazana. koa, I currently hold Binance token and I have an affiliate link

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Binance Crypto IEO Market Industry Problem or Magic Money Machine?

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  1. Why should I listen to you? You’re just a dude, talking about cryptocurrencieson the internet!

  2. Risk that for a tiny % ny tombom-barotra? Hmm. Just a thought:

    1) IEO on Binance
    2) Binance gets 10% of total supply for listing it and coordinating the IEO
    3) Project sells 5% to some BNB whales, because if they wouldn’t sell some publicly, nobody would care about it
    4) IEO Hard cap = 5.000.000$
    5) Initial value of all tokens therefore = 100.000.000$ (5%=5.000.000$ => 100%=100.000.000$)
    5) Price gets pumped to 5x (There are ones pumping even higher, as we know)
    6) Total market cap value now 500.000.000$ (If total supply circulating) -> Looks cheaper in market cap terms if total supply is not circulating
    7) Binance sells half of their stack (5% of the token)
    8) Binance makes 25.000.000$ (Selling 25.000.000$ worth is no issue btw. Highest trade volume e.g. for matic was 600.000.000$ + in 24 ora. So the argument that Matic would dump to zero after they sell their stack is not valid)
    9) Since you said they would make approx. ity taona ity, this IEO made 2,5% of the yearly revenue (If they sell all of their tokens = 5% of their yearly revenue)
    10) 40 IOEs =>$

    I’m not saying that it happens like that, but neither can you say that IEOs would be a tiny part of their profits, if it’s done like that. And also I don’t want to offend you or your videos in any way. I think some of your videos are great. Additionally I’m wondering, if Binance wants to be part of great future of crypto, why do they not get necessary licenses and proof their good intentions?

  3. There are other factors at play, but you summed up a group of important points and are all valid.
    Welcome to the world of investment folk….. happens everywhere. Just easier to see it in crypto , cause at moment the scale is small, easier to see the effect in short term.

  4. why didn’t you use a stop loss” – I’ve lost so much on stop losses, because the market moves too much, and when hodling was actually a better strategy.

  5. bittrex cant even get the new yorkers to give it a licensebeen on hold for yearsthey are protecting the dollarsthats all

  6. Yeah, but that’s because of the BitLicense, which you need in order to do crypto business in NYC. Which is the most stupid and hardest license to get, created by a guy who just wants to make money off it. The license what I am talking about are AML licenses. Or an actual audit.

  7. +MrMadnelsen yeahguess Malta does not impose such license but again if it aint from nyc it aint absolutethe only thing is the eu cracking on malta in that case binance could be in danger, you cant keep on running sooner they will corner you, dig your past and sentence youmoney laundry, washthey will get u! will cz have an exodus plan? i think he is kinda stupid, helped by Ma from alibabahe never really made hisbones”…

  8. CZ Binance is super legit. All he has to do is stay legit and not scam and he will be in top 10 richest in the world in 3-5 taona.

  9. IEOs are just repackaged ICOs (aka crap) – the industry won’t improve until a more robust crowdfunding solution is in place, such as Pledgecamp’s crowdfunding platform, that brings accountability and transparency back to the world of fundraising, by for instance allowing supporters of a project to pull out their money if those running the project do not deliver on their promises.

  10. I don’t like IEO as means of fundraising as it is not decentralized like ICOs used to be. I think IEO hype will be soon over and we need better version of ICOs . PlEDGECAMP is working on that to become the next generation of crowdfunding platform with great features like backer insurance and kyc for creators so that anyone can invest without fear of being getting scammed

  11. Thanks for breaking this stuff down. I barely started investing after the height in ‘17. Finally seeing some gains. 👍

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